“I hope to leave the world a better place by instilling the wonders of science in young minds. While at St. Michael’s, I have taught intelligent, inquisitive and creative young scientists who I know will positively impact our community—and perhaps our planet. I am surrounded here by great kids and wonderful peers.”
- Dr. Dennis Sheeter, AP Chemistry teacher

Our Faculty

With over 50 dedicated, inspired faculty members, approximately 40 of whom have advanced degrees, and a student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1, students are followed closely and given the individual encouragement to become motivated and successful. Ultimately, they are challenged to find the place where interests and passions intersect with talents and gifts.

Faculty & Staff

At a Glance

Head of School: Dawn Nichols 
Academics: Heidi Sloan, hsloan@smca.com
Admission & Advancement: Leah Esparza, lesparza@smca.com
Athletics: Angelique Cunningham, acunningham@smca.com
Attendance & Reception: Lisa Schaffer, lschaffer@smca.com, 512 328-2323
Business Office: Bob Hymson, bhymson@smca.com 
Director of Campus Ministry: Dennis Hodapp, dhodapp@smca.com
College Counseling & Academic Advising: Shannon Hudson: shudson@smca.com
Communications & Marketing: Laura Duggan, lduggan@smca.com
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations: Sara-Blake Jernigan, sjernigan@smca.com
International Studies: Carlon Haas, chaas@smca.com
School Counselor & Learning Support: Lauren Gavin, lgavin@smca.com
Nurse: Neilia Bliss, R.N., nbliss@smca.com
Registrar: Rae Harrison, rharrison@smca.com
Volunteer & Events Coordinator: Cristina Feldott, cfeldott@smca.com