Only at St. Michael's


10 Reasons We Get Two Thumbs Up

  1. The only independent Catholic high school in Austin.
  2. Exclusively 9th-12th learning environment
  3. 60 percent of faculty and staff members with advanced degrees and 16 percent with doctorates.
  4. Winter Term of specialized study (internships, international travel and mini-courses)
  5. Flexible block scheduling
  6. Four-year, one-to-one college counseling
  7. University of Texas program partnership
  8. Multi-sport athletics opportunities 
  9. One of only five high schools in the nation that teaches Popular Music Education (PME) curriculum 
  10. Embedded international program

Fast Facts


Our Four Mission Pillars

We all know what courage is – the challenge is to find it within ourselves. Before that can happen, though, we need reasons to look for it. Taking risks is a large part of finding courage. Standing up for others, going for that improbable basketball shot, stepping onto the dance floor, sharing a poem, or being vulnerable among peers in Advisory class, all contribute to tapping the well of courage within. At St. Michael’s we support that search through a culture and learning environment that encourages risk-taking in all of its forms.

Intellectual Curiosity
As an independent Catholic school governed by a Board of Trustees, St. Michael’s has the agility to respond to changing academic landscapes and emerging education frontiers. Our goal is to develop self-directed students who are stakeholders in their own education. Students have many opportunities to explore and experience a broad range of courses and activities, including classes in partnership with the University of Texas. From Fine Arts to Robotics – from Independent Study to Athletics – students are empowered to discover where their interests and talents intersect.

Integrity, like courage, is a learned trait, which takes practice and is expressed through our every decision, every day. Across the curriculum at St. Michael’s, we promote and provide a moral and ethical framework to give students a sound, solid footing from which to make informed decisions with true authenticity. We do this because the world doesn’t just need smart people – it needs leaders – people who know, and choose to do, the right thing.


St. Michael’s Faith Life faculty do a great deal to inspire students to become servant-leaders. Beginning with the mandatory Service Learning Program for which students contribute 20 hours per year as volunteers at a non-profit organization, and along with several opportunities for retreats and reflection during the school year, students are encouraged to participate in the lives and needs of others with love and humility.


St. Michael's is accredited by ISASAdvancED and TCCB-ED.