Advisory Program

Our advisory program serves as a type of mentorship through which we provide academic, social, and emotional support to all of our students. Each faculty member is assigned approximately eight students. Students meet with their advisors in groups once a week and on an individual basis once a month. The goal is to provide a forum that gives each student a uniquely designed support system together with, and apart from, their peers. Faculty members provide guidance to help identify personal and academic goals. They advise on course selection, keep a close watch on grades, help students manage assignments, assist with finding appropriate tutors, and personally advocate for students with other teachers or school leaders, among other forms of help.

Advisory group meetings also provide the opportunity to educate students on certain topics, such as how to improve time management, goal-setting, and organizational skills. Or, advisors might inform groups about specific school initiatives, such as our composting program, or discuss ways to manage stress. Or, groups might be visited by college counselors for a discussion on issues surrounding AP courses, for example.

Through these beneficial relationships, students are introduced to the particular areas of expertise, experience, and perspectives of our faculty members outside of the classroom.