Tuition: $23,095
International Tuition: $27,400
Late Registration Fee: $300
*Tuition is all-inclusive (excluding meals and books). There are no other fees (such as transportation, parking, new student fees, etc.).

For questions regarding FACTS accounts (once enrolled), please contact Laura Gillman at (512 ) 328-2323, ext. 1088.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tuition

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  • What will tuition be for each year?

    • Domestic tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is set at $22,100.
    • International tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is set at $27,400.
    Tuition for upcoming school years is announced in the winter of the current school year (typically in December).
  • What if we're not returning?

    Families must notify Rae Harrison in the registrar office by February 1. Withdrawal paperwork will need to be completed by this date to avoid auto re-enrollment (including deposit and tuition payments).
  • Do I have to create a FACTS account?

    Yes! All families are required to have a FACTS account. There is no fee from FACTS to create an account. During account activation, the tuition amount due (including any financial aid awarded prior to March 1) will be available to view.
    If you have any concerns about having a FACTS account, please contact Laura Gillman or Bob Hymson.
  • How does auto re-enrollment work if we're applying for aid?

    Families will be auto re-enrolled and will receive financial aid notifications in a timely manner after receipt of a Financial Aid Application.

    Financial aid is need-based. As a family's needs may change year to year, a Finacial Aid Application must be filled out annually to review qualifications. Each year, the application will go live in the winter. Families are to complete an application by the early spring deadline in order to be granted financial aid before first payments are made in May.

Financial Aid


St. Michael's invites candidates to apply for financial aid as a way to receive a college preparatory Catholic education irrespective of economic status. Annually, St. Michael's provides assistance to more than 150 students, or 35% of our student body. All awards are need-based and do not require repayment by recipients. The St. Michael's Financial Aid Committee determines the tuition assistance award for each applicant.

We use the FACTS system, which we feel is user friendly. An Aid Assessment will assist the committee by conducting a preliminary financial need analysis for St. Michael's for the upcoming school year.

A flyer with full instructions on accessing the aid application is available here. The application for applying for financial aid for the current 2019-2020 academic year is now online. You may access the application from this link.

For questions regarding tuition assistance, please contact Mr. Carlon Haas at 512 328-2323, ext.1828.

Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Aid

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