About the Award

Award Description

Presented by the school to a St. Michael's graduate who is "Living the Mission" of the school through demonstrated leadership, service and decision-making that is consistent with Catholic values. The recipient is selected by the Alumni Association Governing Board in conjunction with school leadership. The award is presented to the recipient annually during Lifetime Crusader Reunion Weekend at the Alumnus(a) of the Year Award Presentation and Dinner. It is also announced during the halftime festivities and celebrated during Homecoming.

Call for Nominations

Each year the St. Michael’s Alumni Association Board recognizes an alumni who has made notable contributions to the school and/or his or her community. Do you know a St. Michael’s alumnus/a who deserves an award for professional achievement and service to society? Please review the criteria and eligibility for the award and make your nomination.

The Process

The St. Michael’s Catholic Academy Alumni Board accepts nominations for the awards from all members of the St. Michael’s community. A sub-committee of the Governing Board reviews the materials submitted on each candidate and selects the person deemed most deserving of recognition.
All deliberations are kept confidential. The person chosen as Alumnus/a of the Year is honored each year at the Lifetime Crusader Alumnus of the Year Award Presentation and Dinner as well as at Homecoming.


Please do not inform candidates that they are under consideration since only one person is chosen each year from among the many worthy individuals. Please read each of the award description carefully before making your recommendations. A candidate may be nominated more than one year if he or she has not been awarded Alumnus of the Year previously.

Submitting Your Nomination:

  • Read the award description and eligibility requirements.
  • Fill out and submit the online nomination form. If you prefer, you may print out the form and mail to:
St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
ATTN: Alumni Relations
3000 Barton Creek Blvd
Austin, TX 78735

  • Keep all nominations confidential. Questions? Contact us at alumni@smca.com


Alumni/alumnae of St. Michael’s will be eligible.

To be considered a candidate:

  • The nominee shall have distinguished him or herself in their chosen professional field of endeavor
  • The nominee shall have made significant contributions to his or her community, on a local, state, national or international level. This is the humanitarian criteria of the award.
  • The nominee shall have demonstrated integrity in his/her personal life and gained the respect of those surrounding him/her.
  • The nominee shall have demonstrated a belief in the mission and purpose of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy through philanthropic support of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
  • The Alumnus of the Year recipient shall be chosen from the general alumni population.
  • The Board of the Alumni Association strongly suggests the Alumnus of the Year be awarded to a broad spectrum of individuals in as many fields as possible


All nominations for the Alumnus of the Year Award will automatically remain in the file for two years. After that, nominations must be resubmitted.

Selection of Recipients

It shall be the duty of the Alumni Association Board Awards Committee to make the final selection of the Alumnus of the Year Award from the Alumni Association.