"This was an excellent film festival. Great films, great attitude, ran like a well-oiled machine. I wish more people saw how awesome this film festival is." (Margaret Owens, 2018 Festival Participant)

About the Film Festival

The Austin Student Film Festival is a student-oriented film festival hosted by St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, dedicated to to the craft of student filmmaking. The festival is open to short films (no longer than 40 minutes) from high school and college students. The festival strives to help develop young filmmaking voices by offering a venue to screen, as well as panel discussions featuring film professionals from Austin's vibrant film community.


In addition to screening approximately 30 student films from around the country, we're happy to confirm that four major players in Austin/Texas filmmaking will participate in this year's festival:
  • Aaron G. Hale, musician and songwriter for film and television
  • David N. Reyes, director, producer, photographer and editor
  • Trevor Rogers, filmmaker emeritus
  • Cedric Thomas Smith, multi-award winning, writer, director and producer
Cedric Thomas Smith will be a panel speaker at the event. Filmmaker emeritus Trevor Rogers is presenting his documentary "Driven," and Austin filmmaker Aaron Hale is presenting his film, "Clementine."

Driven - The Bryce Cornet Story
Director: Trevor Lee Rogers
Driven, is the story a young racer's determination to make it to the top. The world of Autosports is incredibly competitive, and costly. The road to success is long, and winding, but Bryce Cornet and his family know that there is no substitute for dedication, and drive.

Directors: Aaron G. Hale, Ross Wooten
A film crew shoots a documentary about the home life of a seemingly normal, happy couple. But some things aren't how they appear on the surface.


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