About Crusader Nation

St. Michael's Crusader Nation Parent Association supports three main ideas:
  • Build community
  • Develop structures and processes to invite and involve our parents in the mission and life of the school
  • Ensure that every student’s interest is supported and equally value

Our Leadership Committee

President:  Lilly Layne
President-elect:  Keili Smith
Secretary:  Wendy Mackey
Athletics:  Brad Urry
Fine Arts:  Kevin Usleman
Marketing:  Vince Terracina
Community Building:  Kristen Howren and Christy Zimmerman
Class Representatives:
Freshman: Laura Keyes
Sophomore: Dawna Cekuta
Junior: Annie Pierce
Senior: Kathryn Boykin 

Ex Officio Members
Past President: Laura Keyes
School Liaison: Cristina Feldott    

Our Team Leaders

Sub-Committee Leaders with their Board member report shown in parenthesis:
  • Christmas Collection (Treasurer): Kelly Dehner
  • Teacher Appreciation: Sandy Mikell
  • Drama (Fine Arts): Michelle Phillips & Catherine Manley
  • Film (Fine Arts): Madeleine Marco
  • Spirit Wear: Krista O'Malley