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  • May

    Texas State STEM No-Cost Residential Summer Camp (By Shannon Hudson, Director of College & Academic Services)

    There will be a two-week residential Summer Camp program hosted by Texas State University. The program, titled National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI), will occur during July 10-July 22 in San Marcos, TX, and will specifically target students who will begin 9-12th grade in fall 2022. The program is designed to inspire students interested in engineering to improve their STEM skills. The program is fully sponsored by U.S. Department of Transportation and Texas State University, and students who are selected can participate in the program at no cost. 
    The application deadline is June 19. More information can be found on
    Thank you, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program. 
    = = = = = =
    Liang Li, PHD
    Ingram School of Engineering
    Texas State University
    601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666 
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  • Erin: The Literary Magazine of St. Michael's (By Dr. Deanna Trakas, English Instructor)

    As sponsor for the Erin: The Literary Magazine of St. Michael's Catholic Academy (online version), I am proud to announce the publication of this year's work. The magazine contains student-generated and student-selected poetry, short stories, essays, and art. It is named in honor of Erin Crowley, a student-writer who passed away during her time at St. Michael's, and it seeks to keep her memory alive. The magazine is also available as a PDF from this link.
    Editor-in-chief Hannah Haas has put in formidable efforts to run the magazine this year. Her introductory letter, which can be found in the first page, describes the selections perfectly. Thank you for your work this year, Hannah! 
    The magazine has also been a labor of love for the co-editor and editorial board, kind student servant-leaders all: Kate Brady, Caverlee Dahill, Amaris Garza, Emily Lewis, McKay Trulove. I am so grateful to all of these lovely and dynamic young women for keeping our literary culture thriving! 
    Thank you, too, to all of the student-authors and artists who submitted their work, and to you, kind readers, who I hope will relish, ponder, and discuss what you find in Erin
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Deann Trakas
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  • Joy of Coding Course from University of Michigan (Submitted by Sasha Spear, Associate Director of College & Academic Counseling)

    Summer Course Opportunity

    Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan is excited to be offering an online course that high school students can participate in this summer, The Joy Of Coding, which takes place June 22, 2022 - August 3, 2022. 

    This is their second year offering this course. The Joy of Coding online course has been specially created for anyone who wants to experience first-hand the power and thrill of coding computers to do amazing things. Created with high school students in mind, it is a great way for anyone to step into the wondrous world of coding. You’ll learn by doing and experience how coding powers apps such as Snapchat and TikTok. 

    No prior coding experience is required! Anyone who wants to learn is welcome. Students who are able to commit 4-6 hours a week and chip away at the material daily will succeed.
    Students will: 
    • Have weekly asynchronous coding lectures/assignments using an interactive textbook
    • Learn to code at their own pace with support from Michigan ECE faculty and students 
      • No scheduled lectures 
    • Have our commitment to help you get unstuck when learning to code 
      • Everyone gets stuck somewhere, at some point!
    • Receive a certificate of accomplishment to bolster your college applications
    Please visit their website for further information including math prerequisites, cost ($99  + tax), important dates, and more! For priority consideration, please submit an application by May 25, 2022! Need-based financial aid is available.
    For further questions, please email
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  • AP Chinese Student Podcast Series (By Meishing Chen, Mandarin Instructor)

    AP Chinese students made the very first Mandarin podcast today discussing what they have learned throughout the year by topics. Follow us!
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  • Publication of the 2nd Annual World Languages Literary Magazine (By Dr. Daniela Radpay, World Languages Chair)

    The Department of World Languages is proud to present the second edition of the SMCA World Languages Literary Magazine: Alebrije! The word "alebrije" describes colorful, fantastical creatures in Mexican folklore, but it also symbolizes the vibrancy and uniqueness of the student works within this magazine.

    This publication features student work from various World Languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, French, and ASL. Submissions include poetry, art, and short stories (and many feature translations). We are so appreciative of all of the students who submitted their work and our World Languages teachers for all of their help and support. I would also like to give special thanks to our student editors: Lucy Fuselier, Katherine Stevenson, Caroline White, and Mary Caroline Nolan.

    To check out the final product, please click here: Alebrije | SMCA World Languages Literary Magazine. We hope you enjoy it!
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  • The History Journal (By Caverlee Dahill '22, Editor)

    This year’s Clio is composed of student articles concerned with the legacy of the Federalist Papers, the
    85 articles written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay to explain and promote the U.S.
    Constitution in the battle over ratification in the state of New York in the fall and winter of 1787 and 1788.

    Please take a few minutes to appreciate the work that has gone into this journal–from the students who labored over their term papers to the SMCA publication team who made this possible to the editors who have made something magical. Feel free to download the booklet from this link and enjoy!
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  • Summer Reading for All Grades (By Tori Davis, English Studies Chair & Instructor)

    Summer reading keeps students engaged in academic reading and introduces them to ideas, topics and themes that will be covered in the coming school year. The reading material chosen will inform and direct the initial classroom discussions and assessments, as well as serving as a foundation from which teachers can begin addressing key terminology and class procedures.
    English I: 
    Choose ONE
    The Hobbit, or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien; OR
    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
    Honors English I:
    A PDF document of short stories is emailed separately to students in this course.
    English II: 
    Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie
    Honors Eng II: 
    The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
    English III: 
    Choose ONE
    Stealing Buddha’s Dinner: A Memoir by Bich Minh Nguyen; OR
    Dear Martin by Nic Stone; OR
    Sabrina & Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine
    AP Language & Composition: 
    Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman and Politics and the English Language by George Orwell
    English IV: 
    1984 by George Orwell
    AP Literature & Composition: 
    Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie and A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver
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  • Helpful College Search Resources (By Shannon Hudson, Director of College & Academic Counseling)

    From May 15 – 19, students and their families can learn about new, helpful college search resources.  
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  • Honors Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) Field Trip to MedtoMarket (By Neilia Bliss, Anatomy & Physiology Instructor)

    Students from the Honors Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) class had an amazing experience at the MedtoMarket facility this week. MedtoMarket is an advanced medical training and innovation facility. The company trains physicians, nurses, and first responders on new medical devices in state of the art labs, classrooms and surgical suites.  HAP students applied their knowledge and widened their experiences with exposure to cadaver organs. A huge thank you to Dr. Aaron Ali for sharing his knowledge and expertise while we were onsite.
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  • April

    LightSaders Robotics Take 2nd at Worlds (By Laura Duggan, Director of Marketing & Communications)

    Just after taking home the Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Robotics State Champion banner on April 2, St. Michael's LightSaders robotics team headed to Houston to compete at the 2022 FIRST® celebration of STEM among high school teams from all over the world at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Wednesday, April 20.
    During the multiple-day event (known as “World’s”) which culminated on Sunday, April 24, FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) hosted more than 30,000 students, mentors/coaches, volunteers, sponsors, media, and supporters from around the world as hundreds of student robotics teams converged on the convention floor in their different arenas.
    "It was a great opportunity to see how much more there is to robotics,” freshman Nash Dahl said about his first year at the event.
    The LightSaders’ event, “FREIGHT FRENZY,” presented by Raytheon Technologies, kicked off last September and involved many successive competitions. The objective of FREIGHT FRENZY was for each team and its robot to navigate a complex transportation system by traversing barriers and racing against time to load and deliver essential items to those in need.
    St. Michael’s robotics coach and instructor Mike Scallon attended the event with the team. “I'm proud of the effort and intelligence of this team. They really work well together and do their best to maximize all their talents. Just getting to the world championship each season is a real accomplishment in a region packed with world-caliber teams. I'm looking forward to MTI this June and another run at World’s next season,” Scallon said.
    More than just building robots, FIRST Tech Challenge teams from grades 7-12 undertake to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format. The LightSaders comprise a team of students from freshmen to seniors, each with their own job, in building an autonomous and driver-operated robot that performs a series of critical tasks.
    “I enjoyed displaying my live strategy and decision-making skills,” junior Peter Williams said.
    According to their website, “FIRST Tech Challenge students learn to think like engineers. Robots are built from a reusable platform, powered by Android technology, and can be coded using a variety of levels of Java-based programming.”
    “It was a super, unforgettable, experience,” sophomore Davin Mortellaro said about his sixth year competing. “Programming has taught me to analyze a situation and use logic to reduce unnecessary factors.”

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  • Nominations Close Friday for Annual Figer Award (by Heidi Sloan, Head of School)

    Are you inspired to nominate a faculty member for the Figer Distinguished Teacher Award? Please do! It takes but a few minutes and would mean so much to an awardee. The entire community can participate by submitting nominations for the award at this link by Friday, May 6.

    The students of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy are truly blessed to have such outstanding, award-winning faculty to inspire them on their learning journey. Our overall program of arts, sciences, and humanities is vibrant due to the passionate commitment and deep expertise of these teachers.

    The annual award Figer Distinguished Teacher Award is bestowed upon a member of the St. Michael's faculty who exhibits excellence in the classroom, models the core values of the school, engages with the community, creates an innovative learning environment, and contributes to student life within and outside of the classroom.

    The Figer Award is intended to reward a member of the faculty who makes the classroom exciting and encourages a lifelong love of learning. There is no requirement on the length of time a faculty member has served at St. Michael's in order to be nominated. There is no limit on the number of awards that may be received by any one individual. There is no restriction on receiving the award in consecutive years. Past recipients include:
    • 2017: Steve Moreland (Fine Arts)
    • 2018: James Dziedzic (Fine Arts)
    • 2019: Todd Council (Science)
    • 2020: David Morgan, Ph.D. (Humanities)
    • 2021: Daniela Radpay, Ph.D. (World Languages)
    We look forward to receiving many nominations! 
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  • New Dean's List Announcement (By Shannon Hudson, Director of College & Academic Services)

    As communicated last year, we announced the decision to phase out the National Honor Society after extensive outreach and research for several significant reasons. The organization is geared toward the public school model, our neighboring private schools do not have NHS, and we feel that we can offer a more mission-aligned program to honor our high-achieving students.  After speaking with college admission counselors across the country, the general consensus is that NHS does not distinguish a student because it is frequently seen on a college resume.   

    Moving forward, we are excited to announce the St. Michael’s Catholic Academy Dean’s List that will begin in the fall of 2022. This designation will honor students who have earned a 3.75 or higher per semester. Students will be recognized in the school newsletter, by the Head of School, and on our website. 

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
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  • LightSaders Take 2022 TAPPS State Robotics Championship (By Cyrus Mende, '24)

    On Saturday, April 2, the St. Michael's competitive LightSaders robotics team competed in the TAPPS state championship at the Extraco Events Center in Waco, Texas.   The team played five qualification matches and ended up as the definitive number one seeded team.  In the elimination matches, the team secured victory in both the semi-finals and the finals matches.  In addition, the team also won the Innovation Award for their efficient intake design.  This victory marks the first time St. Michael's has taken home the TAPPS Robotics State Champion banner.
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  • Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table Coming to HALO (By Neilia Bliss, Nurse and Anatomy & Physiology Instructor)

    Construction on the HALO building is moving right along, and last week I had the opportunity to attend a training session on one of the special items that will be included inside the HALO building. The science department is thrilled that the Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table will be one of the newest teaching tools added to our classroom. For the Honors Anatomy and Physiology Class in particular, this is an amazing device that allows for segmented 3D viewing of the human anatomy. Students will be able to utilize the table for learning as they would in a cadaver lab, and the accuracy of the anatomy, the ability to dissect in 3D and the access to CT and MRI scans is exceptional. We are looking forward to the HALO building!
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  • Chris Hanson Joins St. Michael's as Director of Innovative Learning (By Stephanie Stewart, Humanities Chair and Roxanne Thurman, STEM Chair)

    We are excited to let you know that Chris Hanson, our new Director of Innovative Learning, has assumed his position as of March 21. He will oversee and drive ongoing HALO curriculum development and implementation as its chief innovator, design thinker and data analyst, managing resources and spaces within HALO and working collaboratively with academic leadership. One important focus of his position is to develop and leverage strong symbiotic relationships with area industry experts and organizations.
    Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology from Texas State University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. Chris also holds a TEA Certification Highly Qualified 4-12 Social Studies.

    Chris has worked for the last two decades facilitating innovative learning experiences for students and staff at K-12 institutions.

    He has been an instructor, athletics coach, edtech leader, and instructional coach in Manor ISD and Eanes ISD since 2005, collaborating with teachers, organizational leadership, and advisory committees to support innovative teaching and productivity practices across all disciplines, departments, and activities.
    “My expertise and passions are led by a desire to innovate pedagogical practices focused on researched and data-informed decisions,” Hanson said.

    When he is not at work, he may be found outdoors with his son or spending time at his rugby club.
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  • St. Michael's CODA Students Sign Mass Reading (By Sarah Bannon, ASL Instructor)

    Last Sunday at the Oscars, the film, CODA which stands for Child of Deaf Adult, won 3 awards: best male supporting actor, Troy Kotsur, who is the first Deaf male actor to have won an Oscar.  The only other time a Deaf person won such an award was Marlee Matlin in "Children of a Lesser God" back in 1987.  The other two awards CODA won were best picture and best screenplay.  

    So, it seems fitting to wrap up the month of March, which is Deaf Awareness month, by having two of our own CODA  students, Sydney Campbell and Mia Bannon, sign a reading in ASL during Mass on Wednesday, March 30. They signed in American Sign Language with no voice, and students were able to watch along with the words on the screen.  CODAs are a unique group of people who are not deaf but not hearing, have their own identity, and live in both Deaf and hearing worlds.  Kudos to CODA Mia and Sydney for doing a beautiful job!
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  • St. Michael's Student Roman Loconto Advances to Mandarin Speech Finals (By Meishing Chen, Mandarin Instructor)

    Six St. Michael's Mandarin students prepared for the National Chinese speech contest held by the American Academy of International Culture and Education (*AAICE) in February. 194 Chinese teachers recommended 540 students from 37 states to apply for this speech contest. AP Chinese student, Roman Loconto, entered the Semi-finals and advanced to Finals as a backup contestant on March 27 for the category of World Language Intermediate high-Advanced low level. Roman will compete in the finals on April 10 as one of the top 10 contestants in his group.

    Roman learned Mandarin at St. Gabriel's Catholic School with Ms. Hong for four years and continues learning Mandarin with Ms. Chen at SMCA. He loves learning this language and is currently an AP Chinese student and will continue to take Mandarin 5 next year.

    "The speech contest was a very interesting experience. I was a backup contestant, so I wasn’t going to speak but another contestant couldn’t make it. I was very nervous because I didn’t think I had it fully memorized. 
    Fortunately, I remembered and was able to answer the questions they asked me at the end. I didn’t expect to get a good grade, let alone advance to the finals. Now that I’ve advanced, I can spend more time memorizing and improving my speech. I’m looking forward to the final competition!" Roman said.

    *AAICE is a non-profit organization composed of leading U.S. education experts and dedicated teachers.  AAICE collaborates with quality K-16 institutions and educational organizations both in China and in the United States to provide teachers and students with a global learning platform that strengthens the connections between Chinese and American cultures, using education systems as the bridge.
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  • Senior Georges F and Freshman Sofia S at work on set.

    Stagecraft Class Builds Sets for St. Gabe's Production of Matilda (By Roxanne Thurman, STEM Chair & Instructor)

    Stagecraft Class students have been busy helping with set construction for the St. Gabriel's Matilda Musical theater show. The four St. Michael's students have been walking over to help and learn the art of set production. With the guidance of Mr. Blumeling of St. Gabe's and myself, students are getting to experience hands-on, real-world skills and project management.
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  • TAPPS Tennis Standings (By Coach Lina Padegimaite)

    TAPPS District Results

    Olivia Marcus, our freshman, won the women's singles draw and advanced to State. 
    Men's singles had a Crusader final, where Stephen Coffman defeated Ethan Avuncan, and they are both advancing to the State Championships, which is very exciting!  Our men's doubles Carson Cashatt and John Dechman placed 3rd in doubles.
    State Championships will be held next week April 4-5th in Waco, TX. 
    Official results:
    5A District 3 Tennis District Results
    Women's Single- Champion- Olivia Marcus -St Michaels
    Women's Single Runner up- Aubrey Anderson- Regents
    Women's Single Third Place-Abigail Gerber-Regents
    Women's Doubles- Champion- Grace Anderson/Lauren Long   -Regents
    Women's Doubles -Runnerup- Charlott Buch/ Jacqueline Marek - Hyde Park    
    Women's Doubles- Third Place- Dylan Scott/Julia Ryan-Regents
    Men's Single Champion-Stephens Coffman- St Michaels
    Men's Men's Single Runnerup-Ethan Avuncan- St Michaels
    Men's Single Third Place- Colby Lewis- Regents
    Men's Doubles Champion- Ty Landwehr/Devin Freemyer-Hyde Park
    Men's Double Runnerup Hunter Phelps/Zach Anderson-Regents
    Men's Double Third Place-Carson Cashatt/John Dechman- St Michaels
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  • West Point Information Session April 7 (Submitted by Sasha Spear, Associate Director of College & Academic Counseling)

    West Point invites you to join them for an informational brief on West Point by their admissions office.

    Representatives from the United States Military Academy at West Point will be on hand to talk about their programs, the admissions process and the leadership development that prepares men and women to serve as leaders on the greatest team on Earth.

    RSVP here if you plan on attending. Feel free to bring your family and friends!
    Thursday, April 7th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
    Renaissance Austin Hotel
    9721 Arboretum Boulevard
    Austin, TX 78759

    Join them to find out more about the many opportunities available to West Point Cadets and Graduates!
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  • March

    LightSaders Robotics Road to Worlds (By Mike Scallon, Robotics Coach & Instructor)

    To progress to the Worlds Robotics Competition, we had to survive the brutal gauntlet that is the Austin Metro League (AML).  First, we had to perform well in 15 matches that were played over the course of the regular AML season of three tourneys.  Our performance there earned us a ranking going into the AML Championship in February.  We were ranked #1 out of the 60 plus teams. The goal at the AML Championship was to advance to the Regional Championship, and we accomplished that by winning 1st place after over 10 matches of tough competition. There are nearly 300 teams in the Central Texas Region and only the top 36 qualified for the Regional Tournament last weekend.  Out of that, only 3 teams advanced.  So, we are very pleased to be part of that 1% to advance to the World Championship.
    Our specific match strategy is fluid depending on the match-ups at each level of competition, but our basic strategy is to avoid making forced errors and to slow the rush of the competition by having a solid plan and confidence in our performance.  Our team works very diligently prior to each tournament to accomplish that, and we focus on goals we can control, not outcomes. We subscribe to the mantra that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. In AML there is lots of talent and lots of hard work; so, if you cannot sustain high expectations of your team, you are probably going to be watching other teams in the postseason instead of them watching you.
    The mentors and I are going into Worlds with the morale of champions.  We have a very positive synergy with this team.  They are experienced, very hard-working, competent, and motivated.  We are very excited for our senior leadership as well.  Rylan Peterson, Neil Flores, and Carson Frezon have been solid and I do know that the rest of the team are excited for them to go out on top this has been a long time coming.
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  • 2022-23 Course Registration Ends Tomorrow (By Shannon Hudson, Director of College Counseling & Academic Services)

    Course Registration for the 2022-2023 school year opened Wednesday, March 2, and ends on Friday, March 11.  Students discussed the course registration and recommendation process in Advisory groups, but please be sure to discuss course options at home as well.
    Course Registration Instructions:
    1. Access registration through the Course Request Tab, once you are logged into MySMCA.
    2. On the bottom right side of the screen, you can view teacher recommendations for Honors, or AP level classes. Please do not register for advanced classes if you were not recommended for AP or Honors. We do have an appeals process. The appeals form is located in the Academic Planning tile under the Resources Tab or in the College Center. Course appeal submissions close on March 11. After that date, students will not be allowed to appeal to take Honors/AP courses during the fall drop/add period, so please be sure to appeal NOW!
    3. Each student is expected to register for 10 classes: 6 academic classes, and a study hall or elective, if desired. Choices 8-10 are alternate electives in the order of preference.
    4. Please be mindful as to which semester you are registering for, and register for both semesters. 
    5. Students are not guaranteed their selected courses, but we do our very best.
    6. Students may register for up to three AP courses per year. Honors courses are unlimited, but students are advised to consider their workload.
    7. All materials, including the course catalog, course offerings, and registration instructions are located under Academic Planning from the Resources Tab.
    Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your college counselor.  
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  • Biology Students Delve Into Genetics (By Laura Robinette Minor, Biology Instructor)

    DNA, Part 1: The Helix
    Like Watson and Crick, our biology students used the structures of the components of DNA to uncover the way they form the double helix. Quite the puzzler.

    DNA, Part2: Chromosomes
    Students were given magnetic pieces and asked to arrange them based on observed patterns, but without additional help. They chose to sort the magnets by size and by stripe patterns in a variety of ways, realizing that there were two of each pattern that matched. They sorted and stacked to reveal that they had a human karyotype of 46 homologous chromosomes. They then constructed models of other situations where chromosomal numbers (e.g., Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Klinefelter syndrome) differ.

    Genes are expressed as proteins whose structures determine their function. Biology students also recently explored what happens to the functioning of protein enzymes when denatured by changes in temperature and pH.
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  • Engineering Camp at UT-Austin Cockrell School of Engineering (Submitted by Sasha Spear, Associate Director of College & Academic Counseling)

    My Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Summer Engineering Camp at Ut Austin Cockrell School of Engineering application is now open through April 15!
    MITE is a five-day camp for current high school juniors to discover engineering through participation in an engineering team project, hands-on activities and interactions with engineering students, faculty, staff and alumni. MITE is open to students with strong interests in engineering, science or math. Fifty students will be selected to attend each session. All students are welcome to apply, and outstanding African-American, Hispanic, Native American and Native Hawaiian students,  as well as those experiencing social or economic hardship, are strongly encouraged to apply. More info here: 
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  • February

    American Sign Language Classes Black History Month Research (By Sarah Bannon, ASL Instructor)

    Warren, “Wawa” Snipe, a Black Deaf man signed the songs during Super Bowl 2022 show at half-time.  He also signed the National Anthem in last year’s Super Bowl. This is a huge step forward in recognizing Black Deaf people. These individuals work hard, often persevering against all odds to attain the same opportunities as their Deaf White counterparts, who themselves are not always given the chance to be recognized.

    As February is Black History Month, ASL 1 and 2 classes were assigned a Black Deaf person on whom they did a brief research report. We have much more work to do, but we are proud to have these individuals representing our Deaf Community as a unified whole.
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  • Seeking Submissions to ERIN Literary Magazine (By Kate Brady '22 and Hannah Haas '22)

    We're excited to edit this year's annual Erin literary magazine.  This is a high-quality compilation of student work. Writers, artists, photographers are welcome to submit their best pieces. The magazine is a great outlet for student creativity. Last year's issue with over 50 pages of art, photography, poetry, and prose is available digitally if you're curious and unfamiliar with the content. 
    Your work can be featured, so send it our way! 
    Hannah Haas
    Kate Brady
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  • January

    LightSaders Assist St. Gabe's Science Students (By Cyrus Mende '24)

    A drone owned by SMCA Science Department) is up and running again thanks to the LightSaders Robotics team.  They are going to use it to support a St. Gabriel's 8th grade science class in order to help them with their egg drop challenge.  St. Michael's administration allowed the team to borrow the drone.  The team will design and build an air-drop mechanism capable of dropping the students' eggs remotely from the ground.  They are manufacturing the parts themselves to equip the drone, including a part that they will 3-D print and install on the drone. Team members will assist the 8th grade students by creating an example dropping method and answering their questions regarding the underlying science.

    The LightSaders are heading to another competition on Jan 22.  Thanks to the Robotics team for their superior technical skills in serving others.
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