Architectural Design in 3D Students Ramp it Up (By David Meagher, Social Science & Technology Instructor)

After turning their hand to stylized, artistic style rendering with Adobe Photoshop, students in the Architectural Design in 3D class move on to photorealism. With a client base that includes Nike, Rolex and special effects houses like Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings), Luxion's Keyshot is the premier visualization software available.

Students in this class use 
Keyshot to render realistic images of their designs, bringing them to life with a little dash of Photoshop. This high-end software is used to visualize concepts such as architectural interiors, products and concept art. Students will use the software to render future projects (interior designs, product shots and skyscraper design) and develop their career skills. Once again, we offer our thanks to the generous donors who helped with the 302 computer lab refurbishment.