Bring Water to the People of Burundi!

The Gazelle Foundation is able to ensure one more person in Burundi access to clean drinking water for the rest of his or her life with a $30 donation. Our hope as a school community is to share our amazing students' gifts with the greater Austin area. In order to encourage this engagement outside the St. Michael's borders, we have created an Advisory Challenge for the Run For the Water Event on November 4. Join us on race day to cheer on our runners or help St. Michael's raise money and reach our fundraising goal for people in Burundi by donating here!
The Competition Guidelines:

The advisory with the most participation will win the competition.  A committee will determine the winning group if the competition is fierce.
  • Participation can include- Running the 5k or 10k, donating greater than $10 to the fundraising site, or volunteering at the race.  The donations will count if a family member donates for you as well.
  • One team member must take a selfie photo of the entire group at the race and the advisor will note any donations received from remaining advisees.
The Prize:

The winning advisory group will be able to LEAVE campus on a fancy SMCA bus to eat lunch at Kerby Lane Cafe (or a close restaurant in the area) during a Wednesday during Mass/Advisory.  

Race and Fundraising Details:
Video Link with child fundraiser and Gilbert Tuhabonye-
Lets go SMCA!  We CAN make a difference in our world!


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