A Healthy Finals Week! (By Neilia Bliss, R.N., School Nurse)

In the role as a nurse and educator, I am a committed advocate of your student’s success and well-being at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy. As students prepare for finals and to close out the semester, remember that this time can prove to be a challenge when trying to make healthy choices. 

I tend to see more students in the health office that just appear to be “run down” during this time of the year. It is important to note that lifestyle behaviors, such as sleep, nutrition and screen time, can be strongly associated with student well-being, and in turn, academic performance. As your student prepares for finals, encourage them to budget their time to include adequate sleep, and time for healthy snack and meal preparation. Reduced time on social media probably wouldn’t hurt either!

At times, stomachaches and headaches can be characteristic of students with anxiety, and there is evidence that even a broader range of somatic symptoms may be associated with teens' expressions of stress and unease. Be mindful of your student’s perceived stress levels, ask them how they are feeling, and provide them with the space to talk about their mood, if appropriate.

Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My hope is for your student to be healthy, have a successful last week of school, and then be ready to embrace all the holiday season break has to offer!