Celebrating our 35th Anniversary: An Alumnus Returns to Teach at St. Michael's

We continue St. Michael's 35th Anniversary by celebrating our community members. Our first profile featured Paula Priour, a 29-year veteran English teacher, whose own three children attended St. Michael’s. Next, we heard from Nicolette Cannata and her eight siblings — all St. Michael’s graduates, and Nicolette's son Alex, a current student. For this family profile, we feature an alumnus who returned to become a St. Michael’s teacher. Dennis Hodapp’s family is yet another example of a multi-generational legacy family with strong ties to St. Michael’s. Beginning with Dennis, five Hodapp siblings attended, and two currently attend, St. Michael’s — with one more to come!
“One thing I love about St. Michael's is the infinite possibilities offered for academic and spiritual creativity. St. Michael's is also the first place I learned to put my faith into action: our school truly embodies a spirit of service. Perhaps most importantly, teachers, staff and coaches here are deeply passionate about what they teach, and that is why I am so thankful that my parents sent me here, and that I now have a chance to return the favor,” said Dennis.
From founding board members and their children to alumni who return to teach, coach and volunteer, the St. Michael’s community is truly blessed with a unique kinship.