Figer Award Nominations

Are you inspired to nominate a faculty member for the Figer Distinguished Teacher Award? Please do! It takes but a few minutes and would mean so much to an awardee.

The students of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy are truly blessed to have such outstanding, award-winning faculty to inspire them on their learning journey. Our overall program of arts, sciences, and humanities is vibrant due to the passionate commitment and deep expertise of these teachers.

The annual award Figer Distinguished Teacher Award is bestowed upon a member of the St. Michael's faculty who exhibits excellence in the classroom, models the core values of the school, engages with the community, creates an innovative learning environment, and contributes to student life within and outside of the classroom.

The Figer Award is intended to reward a member of the faculty who makes the classroom exciting and encourages a lifelong love of learning. There is no requirement on the length of time a faculty member has served at St. Michael's in order to be nominated. There is no limit on the number of awards that may be received by any one individual. There is no restriction on receiving the award in consecutive years.

The entire community can participate by submitting nominations for the award at this link by Friday, May 10.