Morality: The Hard Questions

Should we use fertilizers that produce food more efficiently but harm the environment? What is the best course of action to combat human trafficking? Do you think surrogacy is an ethical option for a family who wants a child? Should assault style weapons be taken off the market? Do you think euthanasia should be legalized across the United States? Is torture moral?

These are some of the many questions junior theology students are posing to each other for discussion. Each student spent fourth quarter researching and writing about a moral issue. In these final weeks the students present their research to the class and lead discussion among their peers.

I love these weeks of presentations and discussion when I get to join the students in the audience and witness the evidence of their growth throughout the year as they lead and participate in high-quality class discussion. As students discover the value of in-depth research, writing, and discussion on these complicated issues, I encourage them to end the year with a "what next?" curiosity to further inform themselves so that they can confidently take responsibility for their opinions.