Student Activity Interest Survey

As we look to next year in terms of forward planning, we always send out a survey around this time to gauge student interest in extracurricular activities. St. Michael's offers 13 sports, as well as extracurricular options to participate in Dance, Theater, Film, Music, and possibly, Computer Science.

We have developed a Student Activity Interest form so that students can let us know the activities they may want to join next school year. This is a mandatory form for all students that helps us to staff and develop our programs. The form should be submitted even if the student does not want to join any activities. Either a parent or student may submit the form. (Please check with your student to determine whether he or she has already submitted the survey.)

One form per student, please.

Please complete the form by May 31, 2019 so that coaches and instructors may contact students to discuss their interests. The form may be accessed from this link and is also available on the Resource Board after login.

For questions concerning sports, contact Angelique Cunningham. For fine arts, contact Steve Moreland, and for questions concerning theater, Ivan Klousia.

Please understand that indicating an interest in a sport or activity does not guarantee a place on a team or arts roster.

Thank you for completing this important survey.