Fine Arts Class Highlight: Improv! (By Ivan Klousia, Director of Theatre)

Getting up on stage can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if there is no script! The fearless students in St. Michael's Theatre Department's Improvisation & Sketch Comedy class have begun this year’s journey into the world of making things up as you go along. The course begins with many team-building activities, along with a foundation in the fundamental principles of improvisation.

One of the most useful fundamentals is learning how to start a scene using actions and working with imaginary objects. The first performer starts an action with an object and their partner enters, interprets what is happening and adds to the scene. Teamwork is the name of the game as the performers build off what they each contribute to the scene. It is a challenging activity, but one that highlights the larger value of the class.

Life is unpredictable and the ability to adjust to that unpredictability is a skill that’s key for success in any educational or career setting. Hats off to these brave students!