St. Michael's New SPIRIT MARK! (By Laura Duggan, Director of Marketing and Communications)

We continue to more definitively and creatively promote the St. Michael’s brand and more fully express St. Michael’s character and story. This important work has resulted in increased awareness of the outstanding education experience St. Michael’s has to offer to the greater community. To that end, we have highlighted many unique aspects of St. Michael’s, including our “independent” Catholic school status, our four mission pillars, our identity as a 9th-12th grade learning environment, Winter Term, our 35-year history, and so on.

Now, we’re excited to add something new to our stable of branding initiatives — a Spirit Mark!

What is a Spirit Mark?

Spirit marks are used to communicate and express school spirit (UT Longhorns, Notre Dame Fighting Irish). The spirit mark symbolizes, promotes and honors the school and its members and communicates attributes that are important to athletics and other school spirit initiatives — a rallying symbol, if you will. Our team's talented graphic designer brought this concept to life. The above examples are just some of many ways in which the St. Michael's spirit mark will be shown.

How did we come up with this new spirit mark?

In researching how best to represent the St. Michael’s school spirit, we thought, why not St. Michael himself? He is a leader and guardian, courageous and strong. Who better? We mined our identity, our founding and our history for inspiration, and we believe St. Michael represents the best of who we are.

We hope you agree!

[The new spirit mark is reserved for use in Athletics, Student Life, Alumni Relations, and other school spirit applications, and does not replace our main school logo. Various versions will be created for different uses.]