The Novelty of Silence: Sitting with God (By Meredith LaFontaine, Theology Instructor)

In a world full of noise and perpetual distractions, Theology students experience the novelty of silence, once a week, in Theology II The Mission of Jesus Christ and Theology III Ethics and Social Justice classes.  Every block day, they take a trip to the chapel or courtyard for their highly anticipated "Quiet Time with God."   
Students are instructed to give one another personal space so that they can focus and not be a distraction to one another. This is presented as a very sacred time for them to spend alone with their thoughts and their God. They are encouraged to minimally use this time as a form of stress relief--a few minutes to just "come up for air."  More importantly, they are encouraged to use this time to do some honest self-reflection, in the presence of God, inviting Him into their heads and hearts.
Students have also used this time to experiment with more formal/structured types of prayer, such as the Lectio Divina (reflection on Scripture) and St. Ignatius's Examen (looking for the movement of God in their everyday lives).