Poinsettia Sale Fundraiser!

Every year, the Junior class takes up the mantle of selling Poinsettias as a fundraiser to finance this year's Junior/Senior prom, Project Graduation 2021. These beautiful red poinsettias are florist quality; they come in an 8” pot wrapped in festive foil. These lovely holiday plants are $20.00.

Each Junior is responsible for selling at least 20 poinsettias. 
Plants will be available for pick up at the Carter Athletic Center on Tuesday, December 3. All orders must be received by December 1.
For questions, please contact: Kristin Eichorst keichorst3@hotmail.com, Krista O'Malley kristabomalley@gmail.com, or Christy Zimmerman at czimmerman.atx@gmail.com

Please use the "Register Now" button below to place your order.

The Class of 2021 thanks you for your support!