Students Hold Face Mask and Medical Supplies Drive for China

There has been much in the news lately about the novel Coronavirus affecting the Hubei province of China and the city of Wuhan. St. Michael’s has a global reach, and some our students’ families and friends are being affected by the spread of the novel Coronoavirus with shutdowns and travel restrictions put in place to halt its spread. Recently, a St. Michael’s alum reached out to say that while he is studying at a university in the US, his family is quarantined in their home with whatever supplies they had when the virus started. 

Medical supplies are also dwindling. For most of January, factories were shut down for the Chinese New Year celebration; so for all of Hubei Province, only 8 million face masks were produced. To give you an idea of the shortage, there are 11 million people in the city of Wuhan alone and 58.5 million people in the province. 

To help those affected, some of our students have started a fundraiser: “St. Michael's Fight for Wuhan.” Our Chinese students have been in contact with hospitals who are in dire need of face masks to reduce the spread of the virus. These hospitals only have about a week’s supply of masks. 

So, the goal of the campaign is to send 30,000 masks and other supplies to China. 

Here are some of the supplies needed:
  • N95 mask or disposable medical mask (NOISH, PFE>95%, BFE>95%, ASTM,F2100-ii, level 2, level 3).
  • Protective goggles (anti-fog, fluid resistent, GA500).
  • Protective clothing (ASTM, F16 71-97a, TYVEK 800, TYVEK).
  • Protective gloves (latex free medical gloves).
  • Shoe covers (waterproof).
Thank you for your support and contribution to the epidemic prevention and control! Here is my contact information:
The donation box will be located at Mr. Haas’s office behind that glass.