Theatre Students Stage Virtual Play (By Ivan Klousia, Director of Theatre)

Theatre II and Varsity Theatre students invite you to join them in a virtual stage reading of an original script. As a class project, students wrote short plays with a specified number of characters. After a vote to narrow down the choices, the class selected the play "Class Reunion" by SMCA sophomore, Caverlee Dahill, as the play they wanted to present to our community.

Enjoy from this link!

Class Reunion by Caverlee Dahill
A group of high school alumni join together for their 10-year class reunion, only to find their principal still has it in for them. As the alumni try to reconnect, they get sidetracked by their former teachers, principal, other classmates and the school cop who seem to want to carry out punishments for their past transgressions. The friends successfully avoid any punitive measures for most of the reunion, and in the end find help from an unexpected source.

Brad (Joe Eichorst): “Leader” of the group while in high school, star quarterback and All-American boy next door. He tells everyone he’s a successful businessman, but has a secret.
Stacey (Collette Phillips): Stereotypical super popular girl. Once was the star of the stage, always the lead role in every production. 
Mary Beth (Elisa Arguello): The goody-goody two shoes in high school. Always made straight As, valedictorian, actually followed the dress code.
Owen (Eli Arriambide):Goth. Quiet, super angst-y, super emo. Think heavy eyeliner, all black, etc.
Principal Anders (Emily Lewis): A no-nonsense woman who runs the school like a prison. She remembers every single student and everything they’ve ever done. She’s a stickler for rules.
Laura (Cate Gilbey): Used to be quiet and shy. Nobody talked to her, then after school she entered the police academy and became a cop. Gained confidence and empowerment. 
Ms. Julie (Kathryn Morton):Wacky hippie art teacher. She’s a “free spirit with a creative mind”.
Janitor Jim (Zane Dahl): Suuuuper old janitor at the school. Very creepy, never says anything but watches everyone. Has an unexpected clean-up at the end.
Mrs. Johnson-previously-Jackson (Riley Russell)Old math teacher who has to chaperone the reunion because her ex-husband took all her money and left her for a yoga teacher. She cries whenever one of her students mistakenly calls her Mrs. Jackson.
Officer Bramblefields (Georgia Hernandez)The bumbling, kind-hearted school security guard. He’s very dumb. 

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