Dance Class Performs Traditional Chinese Dance (By Cammie O'Hara, Dance Instructor & Dance Team Coach)

While all Dance class students are working on honing their dance technique and learning choreography for their upcoming May 11 show, Dance I recently took a short break to learn a Chinese dance.

At the beginning of the semester, the Dance I students shared their dance backgrounds with Mrs. O'Hara.  Most of the students said they had taken the typical ballet and tap classes as young girls, but one student expressed that she had experience in traditional Chinese dance. The class was intrigued by this, so Jinxuan (Christina) Zhu, a freshman international student, graciously filmed herself performing a dance that is very common at Chinese Spring festivals so that Mrs. O'Hara could then teach it to the other students.

The video linked here shows the class performing the dance. The international students in the class got quite a giggle out of the music I selected for their performance, stating that it was "very old and very traditional!"  

It was an amazing and enriching experience and the dance was so much fun to learn and perform, but I obviously still have a lot to learn.