New Initiative Encourages Deep Study (By Russell Glenn, Director of STEM)

St. Michael’s Catholic Academy offers a multitude of opportunities for students to be exposed to new ideas and disciplines. The school’s Winter Term, academic electives, and plentiful club opportunities all help introduce students to differing perspectives and possibilities. The Honors Inquiry Program (HIP) is the latest initiative to support the school’s mission of inspiring courage and intellectual curiosity in our students. The HIP will offer highly-motivated students the opportunity to delve deeply into a subject or passion of their choosing.
The HIP is a two-semester commitment starting with a semester course in the second semester of junior year, during which students master the foundations needed to become critical thinkers and proficient researchers. In the course, students build their research skills, learn to ask provocative questions, and gain proficiency in the most up-to-date research practices.  The junior year course will require students to perform significant research and produce a background research paper or literature review on their subject. Additionally, they will present a proposal and identify a faculty mentor for the continuation of their work during senior year.
The second part of the HIP is independent study in senior year. During this time, the student will meet weekly with a mentor as he or she works toward the completion of the project. Once a student has finished the work, he or she will present to the school community. The importance of making their work public allows for the whole community to be enriched by and celebrate the accomplishments of the student.
In addition to the academic enrichment that will come from the program, students who complete this academically rigorous course of study will earn a designation on their diploma, recognition at both the school's Awards Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony, as well as a graduation cord.
To join this prestigious program a student needs to be a rising junior with a 
minimum GPA requirement. Students may register during the normal online registration process. 
Russell Glenn