Why A Winter Term? (By Heidi Sloan, Director of Academics)

Heidi Sloan
At St. Michael's, we believe that foreign exchange programs, international study, working internships, immersive and experiential coursework, and service to the less fortunate in the U.S. and overseas have life-changing potential. During Winter Term, students pursue academic passions, discover new interests, deepen their faith, grow in social awareness, learn new skills, work in real-world companies, sharpen skills in a foreign language, experience another culture, and form new relationships with faculty and classmates.
St. Michael's was the first college preparatory school in Austin to institute a Winter Term of specialized study - a unique academic, cultural, service, travel, and language immersion program. Here’s a snapshot of our program.
Faculty members are working diligently preparing engaging learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.
Our campus comes alive in January with all types of experiential learning.
Picture this:
  • students are in our campus garden learning about organic gardening and helping to move the beds from the garden behind the portable building to the garden close to the dining hall 
  • another group grabs binoculars and heads out into the field to study the biology, conservation and identification of bird species
  • student interns are visited by one of our college counseling staff at their place of work at Seton Medical, Texas State Board of Pharmacy, Three Threads, or UT Health Sciences Center
  • a drone flies above the campus as student pilots navigate it below and film its journey
  • The Gloria Delgado Theatre stage is set for Improv and Dance courses
  • Students jam together and record songs in our Recording Studio 
There is so much more to this experience. In our global travel and international exchange trips, students have the opportunity to experience firsthand the people, environments, and distinct ways of life in specially selected countries and programs, and Computer monitors come alive with international travel photos and videos from students in Thailand, Spain, France, and Nicaragua.
My trip to China was a unique and wonderful experience.  I will never forget the Forbidden City, bike riding along an ancient wall, and learning about the Terracotta warriors.  The memories from this trip will stay with me for life.   Joseph Canterbury ‘17
It is our hope that the Winter Term Program inspires students to become increasingly active, informed, and responsible members of the international community. 

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