Annual Fund Drive & Crusader Membership Become "The Crusader Fund"

In our ongoing efforts to improve our processes, we are streamlining our development efforts for the sake of our donors. Last fall, we experienced some overlap of “asks” between the St. Michael’s Fund and the Crusader Nation membership drive. This next 2017-2018 school year, our vibrant and vital Crusader Nation Parent Association will help us lead our annual fund drive: “The Crusader Fund.”  The Crusader Fund will offer the opportunity to “fund your passion” by directing your annual fund donation towards a specific aspect of school life.
Crusader Nation will continue to maintain its structure and Leadership Committee, and the school will rely on parent volunteers throughout the school year. The BBQ ThrowDown and the Crusader Classic golf tournament will remain important events in the overall plan as opportunities to grow the community, with Crusader Nation playing a key role in the organization of such events.  We are looking forward to another successful and exciting year for our Crusader Nation! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns at, and stay tuned for further details.