Significant Strides Continue in St. Michael's Master Plan

We are excited to announce three new St. Michael’s campus improvements that our entire community will enjoy in the coming year, thanks to a few generous donors who have stepped forward to help us realize key parts of our master campus plan. This plan reflects both (1) priorities our community has voiced through surveys and other feedback forums over the past five years, and (2) flexible municipal permitting allowances that will expire in 2022. Recent and next steps described here help us deliver on those priorities and fully leverage our property in the time allowed.
Recent updates that were completed as part of this plan include state-of-the-art renovations to the science academic wing; renovations to the upper commons to create a student-centered welcoming space; technology upgrades; and expansion and renovation of college and guidance counselor offices - all made possible by a number of benefactors.
In addition, this November we will complete construction of a second gym, funded not by St. Michael’s families but by a license and management agreement with the St. Michael’s Athletic Center (“SMAC”). As noted in earlier announcements, the second gym and terms of the agreement offer a number of advantages, including expanding the amount of available court space for St. Michael’s students. Finally, the practice field behind the concession stand will soon have stadium lighting due to the generous donation of a benefactor.
To build upon this progress, today we are announcing three additional campus improvements. They will be almost fully funded by well over $2MM in recently committed donations that allow St. Michael’s to execute key parts of the master plan much sooner than expected. The generosity of our donors is simply amazing. They have exemplified their love for this school and our community. These exciting new projects include:
  • Campus Courtyard Construction
    Create an enhanced outdoor space with additional seating where we can congregate as a community in the space immediately outside our academic buildings and spanning the area outside the chapel and Gloria Delgado Theater. This project is scheduled to start this month and should be completed by year-end.
  • Humanities Wing Refresh
    Upgrades to the entire humanities academic wing, including numerous updates, such as new classroom furniture, hallway and stairwell décor upgrades plus new flooring, ceiling treatments, exterior roofing, and paint throughout. This project is scheduled to start early June 2018 and should be completed by August 2018.
  • Athletic Fields Turfing
    Artificial turf installation on the (1) soccer, lacrosse, and football athletic field and (2) baseball infield to expand field usage capacity. The stadium athletic field project is scheduled to start late May 2018 and should be completed by late July 2018. The baseball field project is scheduled to start in December 2017 and should be completed by late January 2018.
We are grateful to the St. Michael’s patrons who have committed to these projects. Because of them, not only will we soon enjoy the benefits of their funded projects, but our community can focus earlier than expected on planning and funding additional parts of the master plan, including new construction of an additional academic wing. This will serve primarily as a visionary academic center focused upon cutting-edge innovation in the sciences, technology and entrepreneurship, among other programming.
Each completed and planned improvement is designed to enhance student, faculty, staff, and family experiences on St. Michael’s campusSpecific details of the SMAC agreement may be viewed here.
If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to attend our November 2 Coffee with the St. Michael’s Board of Trustees and Dr. Nichols from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. in the modular building conference room.
Head of SchoolChair, Board of Trustees