What is the St. Michael's Brand?

You may have noticed a concerted effort this year and last to more definitively and creatively promote the St. Michael’s brand in marketing and communications. From newspaper and magazine advertisements to digital media, from the weekly newsletter to print collateral and the website, we have worked to more fully express St. Michael’s character and story.
This has been important and rewarding work that has resulted not only in more clearly defining ourselves to ourselves, but also in increased awareness of the outstanding education experience St. Michael’s has to offer to the greater community.
What is the St. Michael’s brand?
The definition I like concerning branding in general is “knowing and consistently living from a true identity.”
We know who we are and what we do. We know that we offer a unique, exclusively 9th-12th grade, college preparatory experience. So what is our “true identity” and how do we show that we “live” from it? I suggest that our identity springs from the guided pathway we provide in order that students may learn where their talents and passions intersect, allowing them to become people who are confident and equipped for challenge and opportunity. At St. Michael’s, students are supported, guided, encouraged, included and challenged. That is the truth of what we live.
How is that truth then conveyed?
Our truth is conveyed in many ways, of course: in our conversations, our community events, at the reception desk, college admissions, at our celebrations and ceremonies. But how is it expressed as a brand? Let’s look at our logo to help answer that question.
Simply looking at the St. Michael’s logo provides insight as to who we are. Our logo says our institution is strong, confident, and bold. Our logo is grounded and solid and tells others that we hold our faith at our institutional center.
Our brand is also expressed in our language and style in order to reflect our professionalism and success, as well as in our visuals and in the content we display and promote, beginning with and flowing from the Marketing and Communications mission statement:
The Marketing and Communications Office mission is to effectively showcase St. Michael’s strengths, elevate the school’s profile, provide well-articulated branding, and enable faculty, staff and the greater community to speak with a single voice on all matters pertaining to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy’s programs and values.

One example of how our brand comes together is in the new Admission View Book. We’re happy to share it with you here, as this is something you would not ordinarily see, which encapsulates the St. Michael’s brand in words, statistics and visuals. Please feel free to share it with friends and family.
We have also produced a branding and style guide, which you are also welcome to peruse. In concert with our mission, this guide serves to further solidify the St. Michael’s brand. Our new team member, Jessica Shafran, has developed this for us and we are grateful for all of her work.
You may have enjoyed a few of the Crusader Fund videos we produced in-house. Our alumna and intern Jillian Malone has a particular talent for videography and interviewing, and we are excited to have her on our team.
We are not resting on our laurels, however. You will continue to see the St. Michael’s brand online, in social media, in the press and publications, in the mailbox; but most importantly in our students’ lives — because we know each of our students and are committed to their individual success.