Finding the Aha! at the T3 Conference (By Joe Gonzalez, Math Instructor)

The Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) International Conference in San Antonio provided a unique opportunity to connect and engage with educators who share a passion for excellence in math and science education.
The keynote speaker was John Urschel, a former NFL player and published mathematician. Urschel discussed how changing paths from one dream to another can be a fruitful opportunity and how his desire to keep learning propelled him to earn his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at MIT. He shared how grateful he was to his teachers for inspiring and challenging him to continue learning.
One of my favorite sessions, Ignite Your Math class is where I gained interesting techniques and tools to utilize in the classroom. A website titled Which One Doesn’t Belong provides a quick way to think mathematically and explains the reasoning behind deduced answers. Dot Talks is an activity that helps students build confidence in critical thinking through identifying patterns and communicating with peers using mathematical vocabulary.
Another session focused on an online platform called Canvas. This is a learning management system for students and teachers to organize the classroom and promote communication from student to teacher, as well as from teacher to teachers within the learning environment.
In the end, the conference was a success and I was glad to share time with individuals that shared the same passion of engaging the minds of students in math. I look forward to helping guide students to their own aha! moments.