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International Trips
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Winter Term Reflections

Inernational Trips

"The international trip to Italy for Winter Term, was one of the most beneficial experiences I've ever taken part in. Adapting to a culture, trying delicious food, visiting beautiful landscapes, and being convinced that there is no better way to learn to speak a language than going to the country itself, all played a part in making my trip something that lasts. I look forward to Winter Term next year, so I can expose myself to more rewarding, real-world experiences, and prepare myself for life after high-school." Michael Welleck '17

is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever been to. What makes India so beautiful is not the place, but the people. The overwhelming poverty surrounds you the minute you arrive. It wasn’t until we toured a Mumbai slum, Dharavi, that I understood the deep roots of community - even in a slum.” Madeline Cervenka ’18

“During the four days at Mission Emanuel in the Dominican Republic two situations stood out the most to me: meeting the people at the leprosarium, and experiencing a local worship ceremony.  At the leprosarium and temple I saw and met people who were rich in faith. People who are rich in faith are people who want to spread love and joy to anyone who is willing to receive it. Receiving their love and joy changed my view on relationships and communities.”
Bailey Thibodeaux ’17


I met some amazing people at the Department of State Health Services in Austin. I was able to absorb some really important and interesting information about the role of DSHS, and how its many departments and divisions function to improve the lives and health of every Texan. There is no question that this internship has really helped me get a better understanding of the world of public health.” Roberto Berrios-Garza ’16


“Being a cast member in the musical Annie was a rewarding challenge. A challenge because we had to pull off a performance within three weeks, and rewarding because I enjoyed the chance to work with our young middle school actors and improve my singing. Playing five different characters also stretched my acting skills. Winter Term’s different pace allowed me to slow down a bit and invest time in my friendships, too. Working with Directors Klousia and Peck was also wonderful.” James Mahoney ‘16