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  • January

    Congratulations, St. Michael's!

    St. Michael's opened its doors in 1984. In the ensuing years, trustees, parents, faculty, and staff labored to build a school of academic excellence. The St. Michael's Catholic Academy of today has realized its founding vision: to rank as a top-tier secondary school, responsive to emerging education frontiers.
    Our curriculum promotes:

     Self-directed students
     Collaborative, interactive learning
     Experiential research opportunities
     Inter-disciplinary programming
     Real-world career exploration

    Stay tuned as we share milestones and moments from founders, students, parents, trustees, and alumni during the month of January.
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  • Fall Culminating Projects in 3D Architecture Design Class (By David Meagher, Technology & Social Sciences Instructor)

    Architectural rendering has long been a part of the architect toolkit. Taking plans and converting them into a beautiful still image has been used by architects and designers for over 100 years. Students in Architectural Design in 3D class recently completed their final architectural renderings using a variety of software and approaches. This class places an emphasis on architectural design, function and the importance of correct scale. Students also learn how to design, populate and render architectural concept pieces. Projects this semester ranged from Micro Houses, Georgian streets, modern house concepts, and challenging designs.
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  • Fall Sports Post-Season Accolades

    The Athletic Department congratulates the following individuals on fall sports teams for receiving post-season accolades.
    Women's Cross Country team won the TAPPS 5A State Championship for the fourth straight year. First school in TAPPS history to win four consecutive team state championships. Kinga Parrish, Mary Hodapp, Camille Terracina, and Sydney Osgood finished in the top 10 to earn All-State Honors. Kinga Parrish and Mary Hodapp earned Academic All-State Honors.

    Men's Cross Country team finished second in state. Jackson Long and Joseph Lawler finished in the top 10 to earn All-State Honors. Joseph Lawler earned Academic All-State Honors.

    TAPPS 5A District 4 Championship and State Runner-Up Volleyball team: Kelsey Kilgo and Moorea earned First Team All-State Honors and First Team All-District Honors. Kathryn Morton and Nora Carlson earned Second Team All-State Honors and earned First Team All- District Honors as well.  Gracie Cuba and Lauren Milliner earned First Team All-State Honors and First Team All-District Honors. Reilly Sokolosky, Liz Bruegging, Ella Hudson and Alexis Threadgill earned Second Team All-District Honors. Claire Beiter and Olivia Muth earned Honorable Mention All-District Honors. Gracie Cuba, Kathryn Morton, Kelsey Kilgo and Moorea Wood earned Academic All-State Honors.

    Football: Stone Sears earned First Team All- District Linebacker Honors. Sion Carr earned First Team All-District Offensive Lineman Honors. Paul Meyer earned Second Team All-District Linebacker Honors and Honorable Mention All- District Running Back Honors. Garrett Urry earned Second Team All-District Secondary Honors and Second Team All-District Athlete Honors and Honorable Mention All-District Punter Honors. Lex Boucvalt earned Second Team All-District Wide Receiver Honors. Jaxon Jehl earned Second Team All- District Offensive Lineman Honors and Honorable Mention All-District Defensive Lineman Honors. Sebastian Cascarano and Keaton Granger earned Second Team All-District Running Back Honors. Trey Carr earned Honorable Mention All-District Defensive Lineman Honors. Joseph Meyer earned Honorable Mention All-District Linebacker Honors. Vaughn Malone earned Honorable Mention All-District Secondary Honors. Jack Hagy earned Honorable Mention All-District Tight End Honors. Lex Boucvalt and Sebastian Cascarano earned Academic All-State Honors.
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  • Report Cards & Transcripts

    Student report cards and transcripts are now available online from mySMCA. To view these documents, log in and select student's "Progress" tab. Links to the report card and transcript will appear directly beneath the “Performance” heading. See screenshot here.
    Should you have any questions about accessing reports, please contact Rae Harrison, Registrar.
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  • Welcome to Winter Term!

    We're all very excited to be in our fourth Winter Term. As the first college preparatory school in Austin to institute a Winter Term of specialized study - a unique academic, cultural, service, travel, and language immersion program - we're pleased to see how the program has grown. For example, the internship option has burgeoned from 15 participants in 2016 to 53 students this year.
    What a great opportunity to be able to do an internship during the school year! Students are currently interning at diverse organizations, such as Hack Studios, Tri-Star Farm, IMES Engineering, Austin Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, IBM, and Beevet Animal Hospital in Austin and as far away as Massachusetts, New York and ChinaWe will be reporting on internship experiences as students send in their journal entries.
    Winter Term 2019 travel is comprised of six meaningful opportunities for growth and learning. From our sister school exchanges at Highlands El Encinar in Madrid, Spain and St. Agnes in Angers, France, to Mythology in GreeceMarine Conservation in Galveston, service in Nicaragua and Ecuador, and World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Panamá, students are sure to return with a broader understanding of the wider world. We look forward to sharing their moments and reflections.
    For the next three weeks, we will feature news, photos, videos, and all things Winter Term. We hope to report on as much activity as possible to give you and your student an opportunity to enjoy some dinnertime conversation about this exciting program. 
    This week, we focus on the many and varied mini-courses on campus. From Personal Finance to Digital Photography, from Printmaking to Shakespeare and Python Programming, our goal is to provide you with coverage that will put you in the center of the activity.
    Should you have Winter Term news, videos or photos to share, please let us know. You may send information to, and we will be delighted to share it.
    For program questions, please contact Heidi Sloan, Director of Academics. 
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