Poinsettia Fundraiser for the Junior/Senior Prom

While it seems like the school year has just begun, we are already starting to get y’all ready for Christmas. It’s poinsettia time!

These lovely holiday plants are $16.50 and can be paid for with cash, check (made out to SMCA), or online from this link. A secure box will be located at the front desk for you to drop off order forms and payment. A paper form is also available from my office, or you may download it here.
Each year, the Junior class takes up the mantle of selling Poinsettias as a fundraiser to finance the Junior/Senior prom and a class gift to the school. The top three sales people from the class will receive a prize! These beautiful poinsettias are florist quality; they come in an 8” pot wrapped in festive foil. Each will be 18-20 inches tall, have 3 or more blooms on top and come with a paper sleeve for protection.
All orders must be placed by Wednesday, November 14. Plants will be distributed on campus Monday, November 21. Or feel free to work something out with a Junior to drop it off to you!