2017-2018 Clubs:

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  • Book Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Paula Priour
    Presidents: Emily Manley, Ellery Pierce

    We will meet once a month during lunch (Room 206) to discuss the book/author we read the previous month. In addition to attending meetings, we will try to attend book talks and/or take “field trips” to book stores together. 
  • Caring Christians Club

    Moderator: Ms. Laura Litschi
    President: Sydney Schiro

    “Cancer does not have a skin color; it does not have a religious preference; and it certainly does not have an age. Cancer is a frightening disease; it is vicious; and it does not stop for anyone. As much as we try to control it, it is ultimately in the hands of Our Savior.” So writes Sydney Schiro, founder of a club that will, at least initially, focus on children suffering from cancer, as well as their families, by developing a relationship with the children’s ward at Dell Medical Center. Sydney’s vision encompasses offering companionship and support to children who are battling cancer.
  • Charity Club

    Moderator: Mr. Mackey Smith
    President: Jake Biederman
    The charity club provides an opportunity for students to help others by organizing drives for various items or groups. The most recent events involved helping the flood victims in Louisiana and sponsoring a gently used sporting goods drive to help youth organizations in Austin.
  • Cities in Space Club

    Moderator: Mr. Russ Glenn
    President: Alexander Elledge

    The “Cities in Space” Club was formed to participate in the New Worlds Institute competition in Austin. The competition will take place during the New Worlds Institute annual conference on November 4, 2016 at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT Austin campus. Students will design a 1,000 person free-space colony and build a model of their vision. They will address problems such as life-support, radiation shielding, food supply, government, education, water reclamation, and recycling technologies.
  • Debate Club

    Moderators: Ms. Kim Campbell

    The members of Debate Club learn to argue and speak effectively. We travel to tournaments where students compete in debate and other speaking events.
  • Drama Club

    Moderator: Mr. Ivan Klousia

    It is the goal of the Drama Club to promote and support the theatrical arts in our school community. Through regular meetings, activities, and events, the Drama Club will provide an opportunity for students to grow in their knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts. The club will be governed by its members, giving leadership and organizational opportunities to motivated students, but it also will function as an outlet for others who may not have time in their academic schedules or are not interested in participation in the school plays or other structured performance activities.
  • Fashion Club

    Moderator: Caitlyn Hanson
    President: Isabella Beckett

  • Fishing Club

    Moderator: Ben Ortiz
    President: Ted Beiter

    The purpose of the St. Michael’s Fishing Club is to enjoy God's creation through fishing. We want to share our passion with the St. Michael’s community and promote interest in fishing. As a club, we would like to share fishing locations, tips, and tricks, while demonstrating that St. Michael’s is a truly well-rounded school.
  • French Club

    Moderators: Ms. Kim Campbell, Mrs. Heidi Sloan

    The members of the French Club promote the French language and culture through activities that focus on French cuisine, music and film, holidays, art and fashion, and games.
  • Gardening Club

    Moderator: Dr. Lana Neal

    The Gardening Club will focus on organic gardening and tend to the school garden. We may take occasional field trips to attend gardening classes or other events.
  • Latin Club

    Moderator: Dr. James Inman
    The mission of the Latin Club is to enrich students’ understanding and appreciation of Roman culture through academic field trips and hands-on studies of Roman culture.
  • Literary Magazine Club

    Moderator: Dr. Penny Weibly
    Editors: Anna Halgash, Eva Lynch, Alyssa Esparza

    The St. Michael's Literary Magazine is dedicated to fostering creative expression in the form of poems, stories, personal essays, and visual arts. We publish a collection of our students’ best work each school year. The club sponsors creative writing competitions and holds poetry and short story readings.
  • Model United Nations Club

    Ambassador: Mr. Carlon Haas

    What makes this club unique is that it actually requires its members to “grow” and gain experience together. Members will work on speechwriting and establish basic ideas about how to debate on behalf of the country they represent during a Model UN meeting—practice and perhaps actual. What is Model UN? Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extracurricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which are usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. At the end of most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award certificate; the Best Delegate in each committee, however, receives a gavel. Thousands of middle school, high school, and college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations, which involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.
  • Photography Club

    Moderator: Dr. Dennis Sheeter
    President: Molly Smith

    The goal of the Photography Club is for you to learn and enjoy both the art and science of photography. We help take photos at nearly all of the school's events, both large and small, as well as help budding photographers learn how to take better shots. Let's make this the best year ever!
  • Sailing Club

    President: Spencer LeGrande

    We will meet, talk about sailing, and learn the basics of what you need to know on a boat. One goal is to compete in a high school sailing race and/or enjoy a weekend of boating with all members on board.
  • Sand Volleyball Club

    Moderator: Ms. Laura Ammons
    Presidents: Preston Wendland, Alec Sherwood

    The Sand Volleyball Club is new to St. Michael’s this year. Kicking off the club is a sand volleyball tournament open to all students. The club’s members will be organized into teams of three; an entry fee of $5 is required. Of that $5 per team member, $3 will go to charity. The club’s membership goal of 30 teams would result in a $270 charitable donation. The remainder—$180—would be awarded to the winning team of the final tournament.
  • Skeet Shooting Club

    Moderator: Mr. Pete Rhodes
    President: Hayes Watson

    This club will teach hunting and gun safety. Members will learn the proper way to use and operate a gun.  
  • SMARTS, Inc. Club

    Board of Directors: Mr. Ivan Klousia, Mr. Steve Moreland, Mrs. Cammie O’Hara, Mr. James Dziedzic, Ms. Kami Land
    Director of Student Operations and Club Sponsor: Mrs. Regina Staffa
    Team Leaders: Avery Lewis, Elijah Gilmore, Molly Pitts

    The purpose of the club is to give students practical experience in areas of business marketing, advertising, finance, project management, event planning, and entrepreneurial activities while promoting the many facets of the Fine Arts departments.  Organized as a startup company, students will provide behind-the-scenes logistical and business management support to campus events.

    Meetings will be held on Friday during Flex Block. Students will work together collectively to help support SMARTS Fine Art Productions in areas deemed necessary by the Board of Directors to support their individual campus projects, including Theater Productions, Music Productions, Dance Productions, Film Festivals, Art Shows, and other projects deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or submitted through SMARTS, Inc. Project Proposals.
  • Spanish Club

    Moderator: Ms. Laura Ammons
    President: Roxana Kappmeyer

    The Spanish Club explores Hispanic Cuisine, Music, Art, and other facets of Hispanic culture.
  • Ukulele Club

    Moderator: Mr. Steve Moreland
    President: Grace Usleman

    This is a student ensemble of ukulele fanatics. The ukulele is a relatively easy instrument to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages. We will meet on Thursdays during Flex Block in the music room and possibly perform together at tailgates and football games. To join this club, you need no prior experience, as we will most likely start from scratch for beginners. You also will not need a ukulele for this club; we will have several available for sharing. This is supposed to be a relaxing yet entertaining club for anyone interested in learning and jamming with friends. Even if you're not sure if you'll stay, don't be afraid to check out a few meetings!

About Our Clubs

St. Michael's offers a wide variety of student-led clubs and organizations. Clubs meet generally once a month at the discretion of the moderator. Clubs allow students to deepen their interests in certain areas or explore new interests that enhance the high school experience.