About the Crusader Fund

The Crusader Fund is our annual giving program and it is the highest financial priority of the school each year. Gifts impact nearly every aspect of a St. Michael’s education and support the intellectual, social, personal, and spiritual development of every student.

Your participation in the Crusader Fund is what matters the most. Each year, all funds raised are spent during the current school year. Every gift, whether large or small, directly impacts each student’s educational experience.

Crusader Fund support demonstrates the loyalty, commitment, and generous spirit of our St. Michael’s community. To honor the interests of our community members, we have created an opportunity for donors to direct their annual giving donation to a particular area of the school’s operations that they find most meaningful.

areas of your impact.

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  • Academic Enrichment

    Your gift benefits student learning, faculty teaching, and collaborative research by funding academic departments, curriculum development, technology services, and academic learning centers. Gifts also support our innovative experiential-learning programs such as Winter Term. At St. Michael’s we offer our students a broad range of academic experiences including global travel opportunities and student internships. Your gift to the Crusader Fund will help ensure we can continue to offer our students new and exciting challenges.

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  • Athletics

    Athletics at St. Michael’s enriches our student’s lives, develops social and moral character and enhances the physical skills of our students. Gifts to this program allow the school to provide the equipment and programming necessary to maintain top level athletic performance.

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  • Spiritual Development & Service

    Part of our mission as an independent Catholic school is to provide our students with faith-based learning, community outreach initiatives, and service opportunities. Your gift supports opportunities and resources so the St. Michael’s experience is one that educates students on how to use their spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and physical gifts in service of others.

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  • Visual & Performing Arts

    St. Michael’s boasts excellent visual and performing arts programs. Providing opportunities for students to express themselves through art, music, theater, film and dance is an important part of our mission. Your gift will ensure continued exceptional instruction, resources, and opportunities for all students at all levels. 

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  • Gift of Greatest Impact 

    Demonstrate your financial support with an undesignated gift to St. Michael’s. These unrestricted funds assist areas of the school’s greatest operating needs, such as updates to technology in the classrooms, maintenance of grounds and facilities, faculty/staff compensation, and utilities. The Head of School will determine where your gift will have the greatest impact.

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  • Project Graduation

    Project Graduation is the final party and time of the year to be together as a complete class for the senior class. Held the night of graduation, Project Graduation is a fun, all-inclusive, safe environment for the class to celebrate their accomplishments together one last time. 

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  • Tuition Assistance

    An integral component of Catholic education, your gift to support Tuition Assistance sustains the school's need-blind admission policy so that a St. Michael’s education is accessible to all academically-qualified students who are most able to benefit from and contribute to this community–regardless of their ability to pay.

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Giving Levels & Recognition

$15,000- $24,999
Head of School’s Circle
Academy Leader
Gifts up to $499
*All donors are recognized by giving level in St. Michael’s Annual Report on Giving published each Fall. Donors that give to the Academy Leader level through the Crusader Fund are invited to be part of the 1984 Society, our newly established leadership giving circle and to attend an exclusive reception in the spring of 2019.

**Those who give to the Crusader Fund at the level of the Head of School’s Circle or above will receive special recognition in the Annual Report on Giving and acknowledgement the night of the 1984 Society Reception.


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  • 1984 Society

    Named for the year St. Michael’s was founded, The 1984 Society is newly established and honors philanthropy and leadership within the St. Michael’s community. Membership includes past and present members of the Board of Trustees and lead benefactors who have demonstrated an extraordinary dedication toward advancing the mission of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy in recent years.

    All St. Michael’s community members are invited to join The 1984 Society by making a gift to The Crusader Fund at the Academy Leader Level or above $2,500+. Members are then honored at a special reception with the Head of School, Past Board of Trustees, and Current Board of Trustees and other lead benefactors in the spring and receive a State of the School address by Head of School, Dr. Dawn Nichols. Those that support the Crusader Fund at the Head of School’s Council or above will receive additional acknowledgement the night of the event. This year’s 1984 Society Reception will be held March 26, 2019.

    This crucial support of the Crusader Fund creates and maintains a source of reliable annual fund income that strengthens and enriches the School’s mission by inspiring its students to lives of service, courage, personal integrity, and intellectual curiosity.  

    We encourage you to match your Crusader Fund gift because matching gifts count towards your overall donation. If you have any questions regarding membership in the 1984 Society Leadership Giving Society, please contact Sara-Blake Jernigan in the Advancement Department.
  • Maroon & Gray Circle

    Donors who reach a four-year milestone in consecutive giving to The Crusader Fund are recognized in our Annual Report each year. We are grateful for their continued support of our mission. Crusader Fund dollars are spent as soon as they are completely received each year, so it is critical that donors renew their support every year. These loyal Crusaders provide the foundation of our Annual Giving Program each year. This society is not about how much you give; it’s about the simple act of giving, year after year. 

frequently asked questions.

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  • If I make a pledge now, when is my payment due?

    We ask that all pledges be made as soon as possible to assist with operating planning for the current school year. Pledges should be fulfilled by the end of our fiscal year June 30, 2019.
  • What is this year’s goal for the Crusader Fund?

    This year's goal is to reach 100% participation from parents, faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees. For the past three years, 100% of the faculty and staff and 100% of the Board of Trustees have given to the Crusader Fund. In addition to the 100% parent participation, we still need to raise $285,000 to support this year’s planned school needs. Your meaningful gift will help us to reach our goal.
  • Does my gift make a difference?

    YES, it certainly does! Your gift, combined with those from alumni, parents, students, and friends, provides substantial support for the ongoing needs of the school. Every gift is an expression of support for St. Michael’s, and EVERY GIFT TRULY MATTERS!
  • If St. Michael’s charges tuition, why am I being asked to make a contribution?

    Support from the entire SMCA community is necessary because tuition alone does not cover the cost of a St. Michael’s education. This year, there is an annual gap of $2,200 per student between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating each student. At St. Michael’s, we seek to honor our goal to prepare the whole student for leadership, service, and decision making that is consistent with Catholic values.
  • Why is participation so important?

    A gift to the the Crusader Fund the most effective and direct way a donor can contribute to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy. The Crusader Fund supports the very things that provide a superior academic environment for our students: exemplary faculty and staff, advanced technology and curriculum materials, small class sizes and personal attention, increased financial aid, and excellent athletics, arts, and humanities programs. Paying tuition gives our students access to all of this. Charitable gifts are necessary to help sustain and expand this margin of excellence.
  • What amount should I give?

    We have defined gifts at and above the Academy Leader level as Leadership Gifts. Support at this level is critical as it truly defines the size and impact of The Crusader Fund each year. That being said, gifts of all sizes are critical as participation levels are not only important to our own community, but also impact our ability to apply for grants from area foundations and corporations.  The most important factor is that you participate at any level.
  • Why should I contribute to The Crusader Fund when I already pay tuition?

    Full tuition only pays for a portion of the actual annual cost to educate a St. Michael’s student. Every St. Michael’s student receives a hidden scholarship partially funded by your annual support.
    • Gifts from The Crusader Fundhelp fill in the gap between what is paid in tuition and the real cost of an St. Michael’s education.
    • There is a gap of approximately $2,200.00 per student
  • Why not just charge the entire cost of education for my student?

    The administration and Board of Trustees set tuition each year to reflect what they believe is reasonable for a St. Michael’s education.  If the amount charged matched the actual cost, St. Michael’s would be a different type of school.
  • How much am I asked to contribute to The Crusader Fund?

    We hope you will participate at a level that is personally meaningful to you. This year, the total cost of educating each student costs an additional $2,200. Remember, your gift, along with others, directly enhances your child’s education. Last year, gifts ranged from $10 to $20,000. No gift is too small. We have worked to reduce the number of solicitations and emphasize The Crusader Fund, so it is important for us to ask each parent to carefully consider how they can most effectively support the school.
  • Is my gift to the Crusader Fund tax deductible?

    Yes, it is.  While tuition is not deductible, your gift to the school can be fully deducted.
  • Is my Crusader Fund gift counted toward my class goals and participation?

    Yes. All gifts to the Crusader Fund count toward class goals and class participation. The Crusader Fund operates on a fiscal year calendar. The Fiscal Year for St. Michael’s runs from July 1-June 30.
  • How are donors to the Crusader Fund Recognized?

    Gifts received by St. Michael’s during any given fiscal year (July 1-June 30) are recognized in the school's annual report by giving level and membership in specific giving societies for The Crusader Fund. Donors that give at the Academy Leader level and above also receive special recognition and invitation to join us at our leadership giving society reception, The 1984 Society Reception on March 16th, 2019

Crusader Fund Leadership

Carolyn & Brian DeRoeck
(Jack ’19, Grant ’21)

Class Captains
Class of 2019
Suzanne & Reagan Nash (Louisa ’19, Bela ‘16)
Joanne & Brian Senn (Lyla ’19, Tara ’18)

Class of 2020
Kacy & Chris Dolce (Kaiki ’20, Hank ’19)
Lilly & Blake Layne (Cadence ’22, Cassidy ’20)

Class of 2021
Wendy & Billy Daniel (Tripp ’21)
Amy & Jeff Dolce (Koke ’21, Madolyn ’18)

Class of 2022
Suzanne and Dan Bautch (Ava ’22, Jackson ’19)
Laura and Tim Keyes (Will ’22, Caroline ’18)