St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is a Christ-centered, college preparatory learning community, inspiring lives of service, courage, personal integrity and intellectual curiosity.

Welcome to St. Michael's

Now in its 36th year, St. Michael's Catholic Academy, a premier, independent, exclusively 9th-12th grade learning environment, remains centered on the four pillars of its mission: service, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and courage. Service helps students develop a global world view and build personal community relationships. St. Michael's supports the search for courage through a culture and learning environment that encourages risk-taking. Students are encouraged to look for the virtue of integrity in their own lives by reflecting on personal attributes of honesty and wholeness. At St. Michael's, students have myriad opportunities to explore and experience a broad range of courses and activities and become stakeholders in their own education.

Greetings, and welcome to the St. Michael’s Catholic Academy website where you can find all manner of information and inspiration about our spirited and beautiful school. By spending even only a few moments navigating the site, from academics to athletics, and fine arts to faith life, I am confident you will derive a sense of who we are – a school devoted to its mission and its students. 
The St. Michael’s website is a reflection of our commitment to this mission as well as to our belief that communication is of the utmost importance. Read about plans that are in the making and accomplishments of which we are proud. Find information of many sorts at your fingertips. Feel the spirit!
St. Michael's is committed to being the best school it can be – fulfilling the mission promise to assist our students to grow in their faith lives, embrace learning, and give back to the local community and beyond.
You are welcome to visit our website regularly. We will continue to work hard to have it full of all the information you seek. And once you take the website tour, we hope you will be moved to visit our campus and see our mission in action - up close and personally.
Thank you for your interest in St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.
Sincerely yours,
Dawn Nichols, Ed.D.
Head of School

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