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Philanthropy at St. Gabriel's & St. Michael's

St. Gabriel's and St. Michael’s is made stronger through our community’s investment of their time, talent, and treasure. This investment directly impacts our faculty and students each and every day.

Philanthropy, no matter the size of the gift, is a personal matter which requires much thought and is an important part of the culture of our school. Your support makes so much possible—from exceptional academics and competitive athletics to unrivaled fine arts programming and the HALO program.

Whether you make an immediate difference by giving to Operation 10-4 Annual Fund or help secure the school’s future through Endowments or Planned Giving, your gift supports the formation of our students to lead lives of service, courage, personal integrity, and intellectual curiosity.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the many ways you can support St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, please feel free to contact us in the Advancement Office.

Ways to Give

A significant goal for St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is the concept of “asset-based giving” or giving from accumulated wealth. The most common and simplest method of funding a gift is to give from your income stream. While cash gifts are beneficial and greatly appreciated, they can be limiting. There are other methods of giving that allow donors to contribute greater dollars at lower costs. Structured and well-planned giving from total wealth can dramatically raise the ability to make a gift.

As with all legal and financial matters, St. Michael’s recommends that donors consult with their personal legal, tax, and financial advisors before funding a gift.

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  • Check/Cash

    The majority of the gifts received by St. Michael’s are outright cash contributions. Cash gifts can be made by check. Checks should be made payable to St. Michael's Catholic Academy and mailed directly to the school.

    St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
    ATTN: Advancement Office
    3000 Barton Creek Boulevard
    Austin, TX 78735
  • Employer Matching Gifts

    Many corporations offer matching gift programs for their employees and their families. Most programs match dollar for dollar but there are some companies that match 2:1 and even 3:1. Such gifts are an excellent opportunity for donors to increase the amount of their contribution.

    Please check with your company's Benefits or Human Resources department to request a matching gift form.
  • Recurring Payments/Installments

    In addition to one-time gifts, recurring gifts can be made yearly, quarterly or even monthly. St. Michael’s accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Recurring gifts allow donors to increase the size and impact of their annual gift by deducting a monthly or quarterly contribution from their credit card or checking account on specified dates.

    To do so, contact Leah Esparza in the Advancement Office at
  • Gifts of Stock & Appreciated Securities

    Donating gifts of appreciated securities that have been held for more than 12 months can be advantageous to many donors. Gifts of appreciated securities held longer than one year are exempt from capital gains taxes and entitle the donor to a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities at the time of transfer.

    To receive transfer instructions, please email or contact Leah Esparza in the Advancement Office to receive a PDF with our broker’s contact information and instructions to make a transfer via DTC.

    Note: It is extremely important that donors (or his/her representative) notify St. Michael’s when transferring securities into St. Michael’s account. Securities cannot be sold until the donor has been identified. Additionally, their name and address are required for tax deduction and acknowledgment purposes.
  • Pledges

    Donors willing to make a commitment to St. Michael's, but not yet wishing to make a payment, may do so by making a pledge which can be fulfilled any time before June 30. The St. Michael’s Advancement Office will mail pledge reminder letters throughout the year. Encouraging donors to make a pledge, particularly early in the fund year, is an important tool for establishing momentum.
  • Credit Card

    We accept credit card, Venmo, and PayPal payments via GiveCampus. Please make a donation here.

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    Leah Esparza 

    Director of Advancement
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    Evie Cascarano 

    Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
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    Andy de Waal 

    Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement

Funding Model

Tuition + Donations = Cost of a St. Gabriel's and St. Michael’s Education

As an Independent Catholic school, St. Gabriel's and St. Michael’s is financially independent of the Diocese of Austin and operates as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

We use a financial model that combines tuition and charitable donations to balance the school’s operating budget. Used by many of the United States' most successful Independent schools, this model designates that 80-90% of operating costs are covered by tuition and fFees and the remaining 10-20% of operating costs are covered by donations.

This funding model allows:
  • St. Gabriel's and St. Michael’s to maintain a healthy enrollment by keeping tuition as low as possible
  • Enables families to receive a tax deduction for a portion of the cost of their child’s education

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