As educators and professionals, we endeavor to spark the imagination and creativity of our students every day. We teach in a way that increases overall aesthetic awareness and encourages creative solutions to problems. We place value on both self-expression and mastery of technique and attempt to build an understanding and appreciation of the rich and varied traditions of visual and performing arts.

The Fine Arts Department offers a wide variety of courses with beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of work available. In each visual and performing arts class, we provide students with a variety of practical activities and hands-on production work. The faculty evaluates all work in a nurturing and confidence-building atmosphere. Additionally, we provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their creative work outside the classroom for the benefit of the students and of the entire St. Michael's community. Individual students will develop a sense of artistic integrity and self-confidence through participation within the various artistic disciplines.

The graduation requirement for Fine Arts is one credit, and all incoming freshmen are advised to take a Fine Art class their first year to help make room in their schedules and create flexibility for later years. 

If a student has an interest in a particular artistic discipline, he or she may take an intermediate level course in their area of interest instead of a beginner level course.

We strongly encourage students coming to St. Michael's with experience in one or more artistic areas to contact Mr. Steve Moreland, Director of Fine Arts, for placement:

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Fine Arts Faculty

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  • Steve Moreland 

    Director of Fine Arts & Music Instructor
  • James Dziedzic 

    Upper School Film Instructor
  • Brooke  Mackenzie 

    Visual Art Instructor
  • Matt Read 

    Music Instructor
  • Sarah Stuart 

    Director of Theater

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