The "Guided Pathway," by which our students obtain the high school experience that will carry them forward - personally, intellectually and spiritually, is how students discover where their talents and interests intersect, allowing them to become people who are confident and equipped for challenge and opportunity.

Academic excellence has been a hallmark of Catholic education in the US since the first Catholic school was founded in 1640 in Maryland. Our graduates acquire a solid college preparatory foundation in the academic core of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Theology, and World Languages. Each student also acquires an appreciation of the arts, and proficiency in computer science and public speaking. Students are also encouraged to pursue individual interests through independent study and electivescourses.

Our highly skilled, enthusiastic teachers provide the structure and framework necessary for growth and advancement. In so doing, students realize the value and importance of their work, and become stakeholders in their own education.

Students learn from each other, distinguished faculty and outside experts in an academic program designed with flexibility and a responsive curriculum for a changing academic landscape.

Academic Program

Class Schedule
St. Michael’s operates on a five-day rotating schedule, with seven class periods per day. Classes vary from 45 minutes to an 80-minute block. One class period a day is dedicated to student activity outside of the classroom, including advisory meetings, individual meetings with teachers, study and homework sessions, Writing Center visits, guest speaker talks on various topics, and Mass.

Differentiated Learning
To promote excellence in the classroom, and fully utilize the strengths of our teaching faculty, course instruction is offered on different levels to make sure that students are sufficiently challenged. Placement at a particular level is based on each student’s aptitude and performance in the various disciplines. In other words, a student may be placed at the highest level of instruction in all courses or at a higher level in some courses but not others. Placement is determined carefully and takes into consideration the aptitude of not only each student in the school but each student's varying strengths. While the courses in the curriculum are parallel, in that each level of a course has similar goals and objectives, the level of instruction varies by methodology, degree of difficulty, and volume of information presented.

Honors and AP Courses
Honors and AP courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want a more rigorous, advanced, college preparatory curriculum and have a heightened interest in learning and a high level of responsibility, aptitude, and achievement. These classes explore principles and concepts in greater depth, and more independent work is expected of the student. St. Michael’s requires a minimum grade of 90 in an academic level prerequisite course.
  • Humanities Chair: Ms. Stephanie Stewart
  • STEM Chair: Ms. Roxanne Thurman
  • Mathematics:  Mr. Mackey Smith
  • Science: Ms. Jewlyn dela Cruz
  • English: Ms. Tori Davis
  • Social Sciences: Dr. Andy Straw 
  • Theology: Ms. Lauren Warner
  • World Languages: Dr. Daniela Radpay


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