Mission Statement

The mission of the Crusader Nation Parent Association is to enhance the experience of all students and parents at St. Michael's Catholic Academy.  Crusader Nation is a dedicated group of parents who work with the school's administration to build community across the entire school. In doing so, Crusader Nation endeavors to help grow school spirit and broaden support of all extracurricular programs at St. Michael's. 

Our Leadership Committee

Leadership Committee
President: Krista O’Malley
President-Elect: Debra Gilluly
Secretary: Alison Queralt
Athletics:  Debra Gilluly
Fine Arts: Susan Pinzon
Community Building:  Wendy Daniel & Missy Daywood
Marketing/PR/Communications: Renee Sommers
Sub-Committee Chairs
Spirit Wear:  Kerry Barber
Christmas Collection: Staci Peterson
Teacher Appreciation: Tiffany Sims
Care Committee:  Amanda Linn 
Class Representatives
Freshman: Tamala Cox
Sophomore: Kacy Dolce
Junior: Gina Mincozzi
Senior: Becky Poer
Ex Officio Members:
Past President: Christy Zimmerman
School Liaison: Kassey Baines

Crusader Nation

What is Crusader Nation?
  • Crusader Nation is similar to a PTA with a board and chairpersons, but all parents are members and there is no fee to join. 
  • St. Michael's does not have booster clubs as all activities fall under the Crusader Nation umbrella.
St. Michael's Crusader Nation Parent Association supports three main ideas:
  • Build community
  • Develop structures and processes to invite and involve our parents in the mission and life of the school
  • Ensure that every student’s interest is supported and equally valued

Our Traditions

  • Homecoming
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Prom
  • Spirit Nights
  • Winter Formal

Our Annual Fundraisers Explained:

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  • I. Annual Gala

    Our most important fundraiser of the year is the Annual Gala. The Gala provides our community not only an evening of fellowship among parents, friends, alumni, faculty, and staff, but also allows us to raise much needed funds for the school. The Gala is always an exciting, exhilarating event for all! The evening includes:
    • Live Entertainment
    • Cocktail Hour
    • Silent Auction
    • Dinner
    • Live Auction 
    • Paddles Up 
  • II. Christmas Collection for Faculty and Staff

    In recognition of the many contributions of faculty and staff in providing an exceptional high school experience - and in the spirit of the holiday season - we celebrate together with a voluntary Christmas collection that is distributed to St. Michael's employees just before Christmas break.
  • III. Crusader Fund

    The Crusader Fund is our annual giving program and it is the highest financial priority of the school each year. Gifts impact nearly every aspect of a St. Michael’s education and support the intellectual, social, personal, and spiritual development of every student.

    Participation in the Crusader Fund is what matters the most. Each year, all funds raised are spent during the current school year. Every gift, whether large or small, directly impacts each student’s educational experience.
  • IV. Holiday Poinsettias

    Every year, the Junior class takes up the mantle of selling Poinsettias as a fundraiser to finance this year's Junior/Senior prom Project Graduation event. These beautiful red poinsettias are florist quality; they come in an 8” pot wrapped in festive foil. These lovely holiday plants are $20.00.

    Each Junior is responsible for selling at least 20 poinsettias. 
  • V. Homecoming Mums

    Q: What is a mum?
    A: A mum is a flower with ribbons, trinkets, bells and excessive décor traditionally worn by ladies in Texas to school and to the football game the day of Homecoming.

    Q: What is a garter?
    A: A garter is a smaller flower with ribbons, trinkets, and bells traditionally worn by young men in Texas (on their arm) to school and to the football game on the day of Homecoming.

    Q: Who buys the mum?
    A: Typically, the young man buys the mum for his date whom he should have asked by the mum-making moms’ deadline.  If the young lady chooses to attend without a date, it is suggested that the mom or dad of the young lady consider buying a mum for their daughter so that she can be a part of the community and all the fun at SMCA over the Homecoming weekend!

    Q: Who buys the garter?
    A: See above and insert “young lady buys the garter for her date”…etc.

    Q: How will the money being raised from mum/garter sales be used?
    A: The money earned by this fund-raising effort will be used to pay for Project Graduation for the Class of 2023. The Project Graduation committee plans a safe, fun and memorable party the night of graduation for our seniors, complete with prizes, food and drink. It is a special event that all your children will have the opportunity to be a part of when they graduate from SMCA!
  • VI. Teacher Appreciation Events

    Our amazing faculty and staff are treated to a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Breakfast or snacks during the year sponsored by each class.  It is the perfect opportunity for our teachers and staff to enjoy a little down time with their fellow colleagues.

News + Information

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  • We are a

    Family of Families
3000 Barton Creek Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78735  (512) 328-2323
St. Michael's Catholic Academy is mindful of its mission to prepare the student holistically for leadership, service, and decision making consistent with Catholic values; and admit students of any race, color, or national and/or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the school. St. Michael's Catholic Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and/or ethnic origin, age, or gender in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. St. Michael's Catholic Academy does not discriminate against students with special needs; a full range of services might not be available.