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The college preparation process is a four-year journey at St. Michael’s involving advisors, faculty, counselors, coaches, and families. Students embark on adventures of self-discovery, allowing them to follow their passions and find their strengths.

Each year, we host the Hills of Austin College Fair, attended by approximately 150 institutions of higher learning, and Jesuit colleges on the Jesuit Excellence Tour. Representatives of more than 100 colleges typically visit our campus to hold informational sessions for students during the school day.

By offering these opportunities, we support and guide students toward selecting colleges that are an appropriate "fit," creating self-directed, happy, and self-sufficient students along the way. Throughout this four-year journey, our three college counselors meet individually with students of all grade levels.

Four-Year College Counseling Process

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  • Freshmen

    As freshmen, students are busy acclimating to high school through study skill development, extracurricular exploration, and social interaction. We offer targeted programming to freshmen as a way to provide them a glimpse of important choices they can make to better prepare themselves for college, but much of the first year is focused on freshmen becoming engaged learners. However, all freshmen participate in a college campus visitation program in the spring as part of the school day.
  • Sophomores

    As sophomores, students take the PSAT and begin to build resumes that by senior year will fully reflect any awards, recognition, talents, or excellence achieved in high school. Sophomores continue to develop academic and extracurricular interests they would like to pursue during the remainder of their high school careers.
  • Juniors

    By the junior year, the college counseling program begins in earnest. The year starts with Mock SAT/ACT tests, followed by individual counseling with students and families (enabling us to create a personalized college list for each student), mandatory college visits in the spring, and an essay-writing series in late May. With respect to the critical SAT and ACT tests normally taken in the junior year, St. Michael's arranges for a test preparation company specializing in the SAT and ACT exams to teach on-campus courses during the winter months. During the Christmas break, we ask students to complete the "You Science" aptitude and interest inventory, which has proven a catalyst for additional career research for many of our students.
  • Seniors

    For seniors, our annual summer College “Boot Camp” officially launches the final stages of the college application process. College advisors continue to work with seniors in groups and individually in the fall semester and encourage students to attend “College Essay Mondays” in the Writing Center.


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    Shannon Hudson 

    Director of College & Academic Services
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    Sasha Spear 

    Associate Director of College & Academic Counseling
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    Brad Cake 

    Associate Director of College & Academic Counseling
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    Rae Harrison 

The decision of where to enroll is a very personal one made for a variety of reasons by each student and family. All graduates had wonderful college choices and will follow in the footsteps of St. Michael's previous classes to extraordinary educational experiences. We share this extensive and diverse list to celebrate every college to which our students are admitted.  We honor each senior’s college choice, recognizing that where a student enrolls is their "best fit" and the most important factor is how they engage with their college experience.

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