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  • May

    Junior Class Ring and Pin Ceremony (By Dr. Josh Coleman, Director of Campus Ministry)

    Dear St. Michael’s Families and Friends,
    Because the overwhelming majority of medical professionals have continued to advise social distancing for the safety of students and loved ones, we will have The Junior Ring and Pin ceremony over Zoom on WednesdayMay 20, at noon. Dr. Dawn Nichols will speak along with Matthew Melvin, senior class president. Fr. Lous Brusatti will bless the pins, joining us from Christ Chapel at St. Michael's.

    Please attend as we mark this significant event, one where juniors receive a blessing to acknowledge and accept their leadership role at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy for the 2020-2021 academic school year.
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Dr. Joshua Coleman
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  • Mixing Up Granola for Covid-19 Relief Fund (By Caroline Anderson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator)

    Sophomore Jennifer Fang, along with younger sister and St. Gabriel’s student Alina, is making and selling mason jars of granola, with 80% of the proceeds going to the Austin Disaster Relief Network fund for Covid-19.

    The ADRN is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), comprised of nearly 200 Greater Austin churches and thousands of trained volunteers bringing hope into crisis. Their Covid-19 relief fund provides individuals and families with financial assistance to purchase essential items such as food and gas as well as other immediate needs as additional funds are raised.

    Jennifer’s granola is made up entirely of organic ingredients including sprouted rolled oats, blue agave, chia seeds and more. The girls wear protective gear and pay special attention to sanitation procedures. They even deliver, curbside!

    Jennifer created an Instagram account (@nutssosweet) where she gives product updates, recipe ideas and shares the full ingredient list and benefits of the granola! She is currently accepting orders via direct message on Instagram and would love to continue to generate donations!
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  • Service Learning During COVID-19 (By Dr. Josh Coleman, Director of Campus Ministry)

    Dear St. Michael’s Families and Friends,
    In light of the pandemic and the moral imperative to maintain social distancing (unless doing essential work for the community), the service requirement for graduating seniors of the 2020 class has been waived. In addition, given that our four-year goal is to reach 80 hours, we are waiving 10 hours for all underclassmen, meaning the underclassmen graduating total is now 70 hours.
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  • April

    Staying Open to God in Adversity (Dr. Joshua Coleman, Theology Instructor & Director of Campus Ministry)

    In recent days, many students have conveyed a sense of discomfort, even if in the comfy confines of their homes over Zoom chat rooms. For some, theology has felt more real and urgent. Many have asked great questions about the goodness of God’s nature and the injustice surrounding a virus that randomly hurts so many.
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  • The Fullness of Life...Under Lockdown (By Laura Litschi, Theology Chair)

    St. Irenaeus is quoted as saying “The glory of God is the human fully alive.” The prayer from the Corrymeela community that students prayed on the first day of remote learning urges us to “live life in its fullness” and “live the life that we are living.” Yet current conditions of ‘social distancing’ and restricted movement require us to rethink what that looks like individually, and as the human community.
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  • March

    Spiritual Life Resources and Practices (By Laura Litschi, Director of Theology)

    During this time when receiving the Eucharist physically is not an option, everyone is invited to make a spiritual communion. Here is an article On making a spiritual communion.

    Practicing Spiritual Communion

    It’s important to recall that, although our obligation to attend Mass might be dispensed, we are never dispensed from honoring the Third Commandment to “keeping holy the Sabbath.” Sunday remains to be set apart as another opportunity to grow in communion with the Lord. When we are unable physically to attend Mass, we may consider the practice of “spiritual communion” — an act to which the saints have given a consistent witness.
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  • February

    Junior Retreat: Addressing Homelessness Through Community (By Laura Litschi, Theology Chair)

    "Housing will never solve homelessness, but community will." Juniors explored this belief that drives the mission of Mobile Loaves and Fishes' CommunityFirst! village on their class retreat on February 5.

    Students spent the morning engaged in various projects led by employees and residents: tending the garden, cleaning out tiny homes to prepare for new residents, and neighborhood beautification (i.e., a lot of weeding!). Students came to appreciate all of the work that goes into preserving the beauty and functionality of CommunityFirst! and learned about life in the village from their guides.

    In the afternoon, representatives from Catholic Charities led the students through a poverty simulation. Students were assigned characters and life circumstances and had to try to manage all of their responsibilities - rent, utilities, food, child care, etc. - for one month by making visits to the grocery store, pawn shop, quick cash, employment and social services offices, and so on. Throughout the day students were invited to deepen their sense of solidarity with those who have experienced homelessness and poverty. We look forward to repeating this day in April with the rest of the Junior class.
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  • January

    FORMED: The Catholic Faith - On Demand

    A generous donor has again graciously made available an online Catholic resource for our community. is an online service for accessing thousands of Catholic videos, audios and ebooks On Demand anytime, anywhere! As a member, you have access to entertaining movies, inspiring audio talks, informative bible studies, and much more.

    This resource is provided free of charge to help our St. Michael's community members learn and grow in their faith. You will also be able to easily access any featured content that we are promoting within our community from time to time. Again, please join us.
    We hope you will enjoy this incredible gift and please spread the word to others.
    To sign up for FREE, just visit here:
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  • Interested in Experiencing a St. Michael's Retreat? (By Dr. Josh Coleman, Director of Campus Ministry & Theology Instructor)

    This year’s Junior retreat focuses on encountering Christ in those who have suffered material and spiritual alienation from homelessness. Specifically, we will be spend the mornings of February 5 and April 8 at Community First Village, a Mobile Loaves and Fishes tiny-home community for those transitioning from living on the streets. While there, we will be doing such practical activities as tending the garden, restocking shelves in the community store, landscaping in and around homes, tending chicken coops and goats or laying new pathways. Critically, however, these activities will be done alongside residents who are full members of the community and who were themselves formerly homeless. In this space of working alongside one another, we move away from the idea of “serving” another person and into the reality of kinship and oneness with the other. Jesus asked that we may be one, just as He and the Father are one.

    Later in the day, after having lunch with our new co-workers, Catholic Charities will be putting
    on a “poverty simulation,” an exercise in which students will take on various adult roles having to make real life financial decisions based on low-income budgets. This exercise makes more tangible how easy it is to fall into economic ruin. But more than these material concerns, and to paraphrase the founder of Community First, material struggles are not solved by housing alone. Rather, they can be solved by forming a community which serves as both the means and end of eradicating homelessness, the healing of soul and body at once.

    We look forward to friends and family of St. Michael’s participating, as this retreat has always
    been transformative for those involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (505) 920-1996. Should you wish to join us for the day, please use this link to sign up. We welcome all participants.
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