Inspired by Advent - Resting in Faith and Love of Family (By Dr. Dawn Nichols, Head of School)

Dawn Nichols
Over the course of the past few weeks, I have engaged in another round of meetings with each of the classes. Such conversations reinforce for me time and time again what an honor it is to work in a school – to have the opportunity to touch the future through the lives of the students…to watch them grow into a better version of their former selves. Certainly there are many great things about St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, and the character and spirit of our students rank high on that list.
We speak often about the mission of St. Michael’s: Christ-centered, college preparatory learning community, inspiring lives of service, courage, personal integrity, and intellectual curiosity. During this season of Advent, these mission attributes have been clearly in evidence. Our students have found time within their busy days to participate in community outreach – to support Advent-inspired efforts to help those in need. They have engaged in liturgies and prayerful moments that call us to Christ. They have worked diligently to prepare for end-of-semester exams, an important component of the college preparatory program. In facing the challenges of a very full slate of responsibilities, they have been tenacious, hard-working, and, yes, even courageous.
And now, we hope that all of our students can enjoy a bit of a lull in anticipation of the Savior’s birth. We hope that the Christmas break offers rest and relaxation, quality family time, and plenty of moments simply to be. May our students return refreshed and ready to make the most of their Winter Term endeavors.
To them and to all of our St. Michael’s community we send warm Christmas wishes. To our faculty and staff, who are remarkable in their talent and devotion to St. Michael’s, we offer thanks. To our parents, who do so much to fuel the St. Michael’s spirit, we say thank-you. To our Board of Trustees, whose generous volunteerism sets the course for a healthy future, we offer gratitude. To our alumni, whose love for their school shows up in ways big and small, we are grateful.
For all of our community, we pray for a Christmas filled with blessings of many sorts.
Merry Christmas to one and all!
Dawn Nichols, Ed.D.